Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's not really "sun tea"

I love to make sun tea 
on my front porch
but today it's more like "cloud tea"

the sun is trying hard to break through the marine layer
and my tea is just taking a little bit longer to brew

some things take a little while to "brew" don't they?
I've been obsessing over the "oil spill animals"
and in the back of my mind wondering 
"where am I going with this?"
so far, it's just a sketchbook at home:
for my kids,
my family,
my friends who know me.
I have one more page to do and it's full
- but is it?
one of my blogger friends (Freebird) turned me onto a special blog:
it's someplace to go with this obsession
it's just atc's
but they're special atc's
each one raises $10
maybe it's something you'd like to do?
I know you guys and how creative you are
it's just a thought
a thought to let brew for a bit

please visit the lovely tea blogs in my sidebar ....
and Meadowlark Days is joining us again :)


Nancy said...

Your tea looks good even on the cloudy day :) I hope a nice little breeze comes along to clear the skies and warm your spirits.

~*~Patty said...

I think about your nature paintings often Kimmie, I would Love to see you paint ... thank you for the link, I plan to check it out...oh and nothing says there couldn't be a book Two
p.s. hoping your cloud T becomes sun tea in no time :)

Caterina Giglio said...

oh so funny I was going to tell you about ripple too!! it is a great idea! love your cloudy tea!! and so perfect for the holiday!!

BadPenny said...

Your Tea always looks interesting Kimmie ! Thanks for the link - I'll have a look.

I had a few people in this afternoon for a quick meeting about the village festival so made pot of tea & got out the fine bone china cups saucers - lovely !

sukipoet said...

i just made some sun tea myself and THEN the clouds rolled in. Thanks for the link. that's a nice site.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, great minds and all! Had I known, I would not have made mine. But, I am glad I did, because I am really enjoying the blueberry. Hope yours doesn't take too long to "cook." Mine took about four hours to turn that lovely dark red I got before I called it done. I'm off to visit Ripple. Have a very happy Tea Tuesday.

Linda Vincent said...

Your tea looks very interesting Kimmie...I hope you soon get the sunshine to go with it :-)
I think you need more pages in your sketchbook...don't stop; your paintings are very precious.

Delphyne said...

Thanks, Kimmie, for the link to ripple. I just posted it on FB and will be ordered a few sketches.

I hope you turn you works into a book.

Dianne said...

It would have been cloud tea here too...

From the Kitchen said...

If you ever decide to (hmm, I'm searching for the right word here) market/go public with/sell copies of your sketchbook or portions thereof, I'd be right at the head of the line.


Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely tea photos! Good luck with what ever you do with your wonderful animal/sea creature drawings/paintings. They are all so special.

*jean* said...

you weather looks just like ours lately although this week in the 70's has been heavenly...thank you for the atc link, i'm going to check it out..happy tea day a bit late...


ps. your photos are beautiful and your "sun tea" looks yummy!