Thursday, September 25, 2014

more dahlias

using more of the dahlia prints I came up with another little assemblage

"He attempted to explain apologetically with flowers. 41"

I'm poking fun at that eons old romantic tension we all know so well.

It's the word "attempted" that sets the scene here. Who exactly "he" is doesn't really matter because you all know what I mean. The lame apology accompanied by some token or pennance - while we stand in a place of power - assessing its worth. We are usually the better communicators and "he" is left grasping at straws (or flowers) trying to get back into our good graces. It really isn't much of a fair fight is it?

About the number 41:
I find myself adding numbers to almost all of my work. It's fascinating to me. For instance, number 41 a super singular prime number, a Sophie Germaine prime, a Newman-Shanks-Williams prime, an Eisenstein Prime with no imaginary part and real part of the form 3n-1. It could also refer to a Psalm, a Sonnet, a Dave Matthews song, or a president.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

end of summer

this is something I created as an "homage" to one of the most beautiful summers I have ever experienced since moving up here to the Pacific Northwest - where summer is not always guaranteed

it was also a birthday gift for "Ma Mere" (having waited to post this until after the celebration)

... and fall is in the air today - a beauty all its own awaits us ...

-My own photograph: a well sanded print below; a smaller pristine square above
-Book text
-Glass, chain, copper tape, solder

Monday, September 15, 2014

morning pages

Have you tried doing "morning pages"? from Julia Cameron's book: The Artist's Way?

I have tried and failed several times.

Until now.

My notebook is small - just 3.5 x 4.5 inches - and instead of three pages I do just one.

And instead of free write - I do a free collage.

But, as Julia promised us, it's nearly always a surprise at what comes out. 

It's that sweet pearl of thought that falls miraculously out of the swirl. 

Something to go on for the rest of the day.

Don't be afraid to take an idea and tweak it. Go ahead and do more than think outside the box - just jump right out.