Friday, November 28, 2014

as promised a few weeks ago

book cover boxes
(a how to)

a few weeks ago I posted about pocket poems - which are actually a by-product of my book cover boxes

Any hardcover book covers will do.
I get my books on the free shelf at my local thrift store.
They're mostly business books or textbooks
(nothing to fret about sacrificing)

I first mark out lines on the back side. 
For this example I marked a line 1 1/4" inside from each edge.

Next, I cut out the corners.
I use scissors for this.

Then I flip it over and using my ruler and an xacto knife,  I score each side that will be folded.

This is how it looks after folding

I like to finish the edges with paper.
These are 1 1/2" inch strip of paper that I will fold in half and glue over the edges.

Sobo glue works the best for paper to paper gluing. 

Then I tie a ribbon to hold all the sides firmly in place. Voila - a cool box for pencils, paintbrushes, oddments, or a sweet gift.
With the left over squares I make the pocket poems

I back these with home made marble paper and line the edges with copper foil tape.

I hope you enjoyed this how-to ... 


Sunday, November 23, 2014


it's been a whirlwind here these last few weeks with getting ready for an open studio event in my home yesterday 
... and now I am breathing again!

(the tall guy putting out my signs)

(Lisa Lee from Inchie Arts demonstrating technique)

(Roof and Floor and their gifts for the home)

(art and cards from Mary Klump Studio)

(my dining room table transformed into a beautiful mess of color)

I got so busy, I forgot to take more photos ... so I'll have to give you some word descriptors:

sharing ideas
making connections
de - isolating (is that a word?)
uncovering dreams
discovering hopes
meeting kindred spirits
learning to play again

get the picture?

The biggest thing for me was the de-isolating.
I have worked for so long in my own little virtual world - enjoying connection but missing contact. It just feels so good to come together. And we all agree to do it again, to play some more, and to dream together.