Friday, June 18, 2010

bottlenose dolphin

2 interesting stories about the dolphins in the gulf:

  • an AP story about how they're swimming closer to shore to escape the oil
  • a BBC video interview with a woman in Alabama who normally takes people out to see the dolphins in her boat .... her perceptions about their change in behavior
... are you sick of this?


From the Kitchen said...

Your posts bring beauty to the ugliness of thoughts of the spill. I wish I had your talent to bring those lovely pieces into my own life and the life of my family.

Have a wonderful and productive weekend.


ooglebloops said...

Sick of the destruction, not sick of your art!! Can't wait to see who you paint next. Love the dolphin - and I did see the story in the paper about them being closer to shore.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm with Pat. I'll never be sick of your art and the tributes you make to these endangered species with your watercolors. Like you, I wonder how much more of this we can take.

Terri Kahrs said...

How can we be sick of these beautiful art tributes to nature when so many on the Gulf are sick of the oil and suffering. And the worst part is, it's far from over. Have a super weekend, Kimmie. Hugs, Terri xoxo

~*~Patty said...

I hardly have words to express how your artwork touches me Kimmie

You should be/could be illustrating books! You are such a gifted and soulful artiste!


sukipoet said...

your paintings are beautiful wake up calls, when we forget. Dolphins are just such lovely animals. sad beyond words.

*jean* said...

no, i am sooo not sick of this...i think what you are doing is wonderful and keeps me from being hopeless..your dolphin is beautiful.

Lynn Cohen said...

Love seeing your wonderful inspiring watercolors. Keep painting them please.

Dianne said...

Kimmie... Your compassion for this situation is amazing. My career in... government environmental agency work brings me close... too close... to this everyday. I (and my colleagues, even if they don't know it) am grateful for your outreach to blogland. BTW, sorry I wasn't here for Tuesday T, I was traveling to Ft. Myers for a regional update on the spill from the Coast Guard. It was optimistic.

Chriss Rollins said...

beautiful art work Kimmie I have had a much needed catch up of your wonderful blog.

Hope to be around a lot more now.

I have a little something on the papergirls blog for you.

chriss x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Kimmie,

As you know, many of my clients are actively involved in the preservation of the sea and it's creatures and eco-systems.

That would include, 175'PEACEFUL FISH, which you had a hand in designing the art, and which is the largest dedicated scuba diving platform in the world.

And, of course, the 185' Research vessel, Alucia, which you have been aboard, with her three subs and HD underwater documentary film making ability.

Alucia is now on her first expedition after the refit. I will send you a PDF of her charter brochure.

Thanks for your love of all of God's creation!

Lovely World said...

I'm continuing to really appreciate your lovely work here. Have you heard about the Hands Across the Sand movement? Click to my blog and I have a description and the link in my most current post. You may be interested in it.

S. Etole said...

I like this one so much ... the jump ... the color.

Peaceswirl said...

Thank you for your art and your educating on this.The Gulf is my home.I don't have TV since after hurricane Katrina...I know I get the news I need to get the news I can do something about.In this clip the woman told of how the dolphins are acting drunk .I too am very chemically sensitive and get the same way.I noticed that you try to stay away from harsh chemicals.I would like to ask people from everywhere to think about just that and how they can make a difference trying to watch what chemicals they use everyday. From perfumes to air fresheners ,cleaning supplies and more....they affect my central nervous system like the dolphins and make me feel sick drunk and more.Maybe some folks are already having problems and don't realize what could be causing it.
Who would have thought I would be getting my news this way.
Thank you