Monday, April 30, 2012


I don't usually give you much detail about my tea
... today's tea is Ginger Bounce Rooibos ...
I've had it in my tea collection for a little while

I bought it without knowing whether or not it's organic
if it doesn't say organic, it probably isn't, right?

after reading THIS article - I realized the importance of buying only organic tea

at least the lilacs from our garden are organic
(we don't eat those - but it still matters)

here's to drinking tea worry free
and realizing it's never too late to start


how do you feel about organics?
sometimes it is more expensive - right?
but I'm thinking if it sits in boiling water for a few minutes and then I drink it
I want it to be 

j u s t 
t e a

 not chemicals

my camera

nikon coolpix s60
- about 5 yrs old -

my next camera?
another coolpix with the nikkor glass lens
there is no better lens
and I, personally, have grown to  l o v e  the compact size of the coolpix cameras

Sunday, April 29, 2012

love and rain

"... don't threaten me with love, baby

let's just go walking in the rain."

-Billie Holiday

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I made this paper bag collage in February and set it aside for completion later
you know how it is - it just wasn't speaking to me yet

it started as a humble trader joe's bag
- layers of collage -
- layers of paint -
- layers of texture -
a little watercolor sketch of the trees out my window
but it needed completion

I trimmed it down to fit this beautiful blue linen book cover
added more tea bag papers
a piece of nova scotia beach pottery

children's book text
assembled into a snatch of an idea

(I love thread)

it feels completed now
I think it's breathing a sigh of relief too

Monday, April 23, 2012

sunny day tea

I'm sitting out back with my frosty iced tea

... a little bit of down time in the afternoon ...
it's after school and the Garden Guy is working on his newest rose bed
and I'm working on the last book in The Hunger Games trilogy
(my girls got me hooked)
the books are a satisfying read
page turners
imagination getters
conversation starters

... but, I'm not getting much reading done with this to distract me:

how are you spending your down time today?
I hope you have some down time ... even if it's just a minute to look up at the sky

Friday, April 20, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

vintage mahjong set

my Dad gave me this mahjong set that belonged to his grandfather
he knew I would love it
... yup ...

it probably dates from the 1920's
the tiles are ivory and bamboo
and is a nearly complete set (missing only the dragon tiles)

but, the front panel of the cabinet is gone ...
... what's a girl to do?

why, make one of course!

I embossed a piece of thin gauge metal
and added a photo of autumn dahlias from our garden
a little gesso adds some aging texture

I couldn't be happier

... and ...

a book about mahjong is on the way from amazon

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

small & fragile

small things bring the greatest wonder
fragile ones need the greatest protection

Monday, April 16, 2012

at my table

tea and flowers

bleeding heart and tulips from the garden

my tea is half sipped by now

but there is more in the pot
(bengal spice with a splash of milk)

and just so you know that my simple life is not so simple ...

I have evidence:

the ever-present algebra book
(at least it isn't mine)


what is ever-present in your not so simple life?
off to the edge and not making it into every photo op and blog post?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

what's blooming?

friends are flowers in the garden of life

and you won't need a green thumb either


or if you talk like Yoda:

thank you dear friends for all your kind words and comments
it's your kindness that waters this garden

Friday, April 13, 2012

garden marker - part three

(for all three parts of the "garden marker tutorial" click HERE)

so, you should have:
a crimped can lid and a stamped (or otherwise decorated) label

using mod podge, adhere your paper label to the lid
then generously coat the top of the label with more mod podge
this will help keep the rust from creeping onto your label
... as well as weatherproofing it

carefully smooth your mod podge coat
(it doesn't have to perfect)

find the top center hole and enlarge it using your awl
(this is where the wire will fit)

using a piece of aluminum wire (approx 18 inches long or so)
bend one end like this:

slip your can lid over the hook and slightly pinch the loop 
(that will keep your lid more secure on the hanger)

a really cool garden marker:



Thursday, April 12, 2012

garden marker - part two

(for part one click HERE)

these were the supplies:

today is the stamping part
**BUT you can create the label any way you'd like - of course!!!

I have this filigree patterned stamp that I love:

but I need the center to be blank,
so I'm masking it while I stamp:

that way I end up with a round frame:

and then I used my alphabet stamps to write the plant name:

tomorrow - the conclusion!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

garden marker - part one

someone contacted me after seeing these garden markers I made last year

they were wondering how I had made them
... at the time I hadn't done a tutorial ...
so I'm re-visiting this project
besides, I need a marker for the mint


what you will need:

(from top going clockwise)
staz-on ink-pad (or some other type of permanent ink)
aluminum wire from the hardware store (I'm not sure of the gauge)
alphabet stamps (or your best handwriting - using permanent ink)
circular, patterned rubber stamp
**pineapple can lid - the pineapple can lid will rust**
(if you don't want a rusted lid, use any other type)
mouse pad
paint brush
needle nose pliers


first step: 
with the dulled side of the lid facing you, crimp the edge of the lid with your pliers
simply pinch with the plier tip and twist sideways

when you are done it will look like this:

using your awl and the mouse pad, 
poke holes that go all the way around the inner edge of the can lid

tomorrow will be "garden marker - part two"
I have this tutorial in three parts because of all the pictures
(it's just a more manageable blog post that way)

Monday, April 9, 2012

the garden is calling ...

... and is a favorite hangout on a day like this ...

iced tea for me
lemonade for my daughter
... and a scattering of easter toys ...

I planted lettuce this afternoon

captured this bee with my camera
(that is hard to do!)

found these partially shaded and backlit tulips

and a straight up view through the apple (or is it pear?) tree

I have been very unplugged for the last few days
re-entry is hard!
we enjoyed  g l o r i o u s  weather
- very rare around here for early spring -

back to creating this week and planning some blog posts

I have gardening on my mind ... and am hatching a pretty cool garden marker tutorial

painted a little illustration today: "night gardening"

I want to paint some more stones with spring flowers and birds

the list is growing

what's on your list?
don't forget to take time for tea!