Friday, June 20, 2014

lavender days

the rain has stopped and the lavender is ready to pick

I pick a bundle a day and bringing it into the house to dry

it hangs upside down for a few weeks - then I crumble the flower tops to use in soap, sachets, and neck pillows with flax seeds and rice

Patty at Magpies Nest has been busy making lovely lavender wands - check out her blog HERE

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

felt scraps

I have lots of felt scraps from over the years (I save the oddest things) ... and I recently ran across an old time folk art that I can use my felt scraps for. A "penny mat."

In the late 1800's, thrifty and wise women used cast off woolen clothing to recycle into felted things like hats and mittens. With the scraps left over from those scraps, they would use coins as a template and cut out small circles.

These circles (or "pennies") of felt would then be made into runners, mats, and other decorative things for the house. In my imagination I see a log cabin - Honest Abe reading by candlelight and Ma stitching up lovely things with felt scraps.

A small and portable project for summertime wanderings and road trips. Do you have projects like this that travel well? I'd love to hear about them ....