Friday, February 13, 2015

love poem

In the past,
before I knew love,
my lips would speak of love.

But tell me now
And disclose -
speak and answer me.

Reveal to my heart
The secrets
The wonders
The ways of love.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Art supply rebel that I am -
expensive mats, frames,  and framing
are not immune to my rebellion

I prefer to do it my own way
These are all my latest photo transfers on canvas board.
With each one I've painted a border.
Copper tape, solder, jump rings, and a short chain finish them off.
I rather like the result.
You might say it borders on something ...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

old photo redux

I want to show you what I created today.
I started with a color copy of an old photo 
(this picture is of my father-in-law and his twin brother - isn't it cute?)
The color copy is from the copy center (not my printer) and the ink is not water soluble - so I can safely work on it with paint.

First I mounted the photo on foam core.
Then I used watercolor paints to tint the photo.
Next: gessoed a border, upon which I painted a pattern with acrylic paint.
I added the word "twins," copper foiled the edge, and attached jump rings for a chain. 

It now hangs happily in my home.

The story is that the larger boy on the right would take the baby bottle of the boy on the left - hence he is larger. 
But it's just a story.
My guess (as a Mom) is that one boy was quiet and earnest. The other was go go go.
The quiet, earnest boy is my father-in-law. To this day he is a quiet and reflective man - as sweet as they come.

Monday, February 2, 2015

the value of a daily practice

some days I have no idea what to create

that's when a daily practice comes in handy
sometimes it's an art journal page
but lately it's a daily photo prompt

I like using Capture Your 365 for that 
... today's prompt was "blurred backgrounds"

and when I sat at my desk with a blank slate, that was enough to get me started today

I brought some things into focus

and let other things blur into the background

a metaphor for my day