Sunday, November 29, 2015



Life is more hectic than ever and I've felt drained "beyond reason" (as I told a friend recently). I will be trying to tend to my creative side more kindly. My sanity and my energy will return as it always does when I have times of "slowing down and seeing" - the first and most important ingredients in a creative life. I've not much time to set my hands to scissors, paintbrushes, pliers, needle, thread, but my phone is always with me and the camera in it is awesome. I will blog these seeing moments. It is a kindness to myself worth sharing wth you.

Friday, November 27, 2015

colorful friday

we set out this so called "black friday" in search of any color other than black 
... here is our journey in photos ...

this photo is of one of my favorite sights from Interstate 5: 
the waste water (i.e. sewage) lagoon in between Everett and Marysville 
with a backdrop of the Cascades and a ceiling of blue:
Blue Friday

this is a small lake just before you get to Deception Pass on the way over to Whidbey Island:
Green Friday
here is my daughter with her dog walking on the beach of a tiny little bay on Whidbey:
Red Friday
here is Sadie hoping for a fish:
Golden Brown Friday

we went from Whidbey Island on up to Fairhaven and our obligatory stop at Rocket Donuts:
(I had a powder cake donut - boring but delicious)
Neon Friday

from Fairhaven it's a short hop up to Bellingham:
(this is a Baltic Porter which was being unmasked today)
Black Friday

leaving Bellingham we had a gorgeous sunset - the sun sets early up here - it was only 4:30:
Golden Friday

It was a great day of all of us together crammed into the car and driving all over hither and yon 
- as the girls are getting older it's rare that all of our schedules sync together -
we had the usual gamut of emotions from giggles to grimaces and cheerful chatter to sulking silence
- but, hey, it's life.  A colorful life.