Tuesday, May 8, 2012

tea on the go

(ignore the laundry in the background - I know you can :)

my tea bottle goes with me most places

and a good book goes with me when I know I'm going to have to wait
(The Samurai's Garden was a beautiful book I read years ago and last week I found it at the thrift store)

and in my tea bottle is a really good instant green tea from Japan

today's errand?
oil change
tires rotated
junk like that
but tonight - slumping wine bottles at a local hot shop
hee hee


what are you up to today?


Halle said...

What laundry?!? I'm so glad Mr. G is an auto tech...I never have to go sit in those places. :)
Slumping wine bottle sounds like fun. My MIL has one that her niece did for her.
Can't wait to see your end product!

Yvonne said...

Yes, I can ignore your laundry, I ignore my own sometimes. LOL I will put that book on my reading list. Right now I'm reading 'Querencia'. Today I'm headed out to get groceries. I want to try out my new Nutri Bullet machine.
Can't wait to see what slumping wine bottles is all about. Happy tea day.

Nancy said...

Hmmm, slumping :) I'm here for a bit with my coffee checking to see how everyone is...I love your tea cup! I see NO laundry :)
Taking off to my weigh-in soon..that is not going well.
Have a great Tea Tuesday :)

Anonymous said...

As hot as it has been here I think we could have slumped a few bottles without any help. Have fun. Again, it's an iced tea day and will be until fall. Take care!

Unknown said...

Seriously, I don't see the laundry you're talking about!

Sounds like a great survival kit, you've got. :)

I'm handwriting letters and cards this morning-- over tea, of course!


Elizabeth said...

What am I up to? I'm typing away, here, and then off to run errands. One of them might include joining a small gym and getting a membership to a local pool.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well, I see something, but it doesn't look much like laundry. Errands sound time consuming, so it is always nice to have something to occupy your mind while the laundry sits waiting for your return.

I tried to slump a clear and a green wine bottle one time without much success. I think the fire wasn't hot enough, or at least that was the general consensus.

Hope your tea Tuesday was wonderful. Looks like I got carried away and added mine to your previous post.

Anonymous said...

Slumping some glass eh, that will be fun, show us what you do! You got lots of hot shops out your way don't you. Glass art is everywhere. xox

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Thanks to Corrine's comment, I know exactly what you are doing. :) I've seen them sold as cheeseboards and such. Such a great idea! Have fun!

Hope you got all your errands taken care of. Love that go cup (and your spring banners and your journal :). Best wishes, Tammy

Tracey FK said...

I didn't see any laundry... mine could be seen from space!!!! I would love that green tea powder... how handy is that... great photos as always...
here is my tea post...

Diane said...

Hi Kimmie! I enjoy your tea on Tues. and I am friends with Patti and Pat M. in Virginia!

Gayle Price said...

Yes , I am definitely intrigued ! What does "slumping " wine bottles mean, and what is a "hot" shop. Love the look of your green tea and it's beautiful container. I am currently reading a Japanese historical fiction book at the moment, written by a local lady. It's called Across The Nightingale Floor, the author is Lian Hearn. It's quite good, she has sold the rights to an American Co. who want to make it into a movie, so I thought I had better read it first. xx

Steph said...

Happy Happy T Kimmie...
glassart sounds good and sencha is one of my faves....
well I'm sitting in my office and checking my emails and hopefully grab a few minutes to make a little art before the day starts....time check 7am (Singapore time, Wednesday the 9th May) :)))

Neesie said...

Look Kimmie I have an 'ology in ignoring laundry...(not that I can even see your's)...for example there's a possibility (Ha! possibility my foot) of a mountain teetering precariously and in danger of collapse at any moment in my laundry room.
There's only so much that gravity can withstand!
Your book looks intriguing ~ I'm always on the lookout for books so I'll have to carry on ignoring my ironing so that I can check it out. The fact that I've got 7 books already lined up doesn't come into the equation!
So you're stopping me from ironing ~ tut tut Kimmie ;D