Thursday, May 24, 2012

moleskine notebooks


I guess that's how you say it
but in my mind it will always be


and I imagine a cute little mole just gotten out of the bathtub

wish out loud

I love the colors they come in .... I turned this little green one into a wish list keeper

dream in the daytime

and this little pink one is for keeping a bucket list ... but hey, a shopping list works too

... these are mini ...
only 2.5 X 4 inches

I painted the cover designs with white acrylic paint
and then added a protective acrylic coat
the sleeve I made out of watercolor paper and used paint for the title

the designs I had already noodled out on rocks ages ago
I just transferred the designs onto something flat and colorful
(and perhaps more useful than a rock)

Cyndee Starr at Eloise's Collage has been doodling on notebooks
I think she got the wheels turning in my own head for this idea
thanks Cyndee!


ooglebloops said...

Hmm, I always pronounced it like a mole's skin also!! LOL You have made them so much more appealing!!!

Sue said...

I love Moleskine journals and I love what you did to the covers of your minis:)

Brenda said...

Your notebooks are FABULOUS! and while catching up on your previous posts (I have missed alot) I can't say enough about the beautiful bottles! You did a fantastic job on all of them. Your art is wonderful. You have many awesome ideas. I'm so thankful that you share them all!!

Rita said...

I learned the proper pronunciation several years ago and then couldn't say it any other way. Sounds better to me than a mole's skin--LOL! ;)

These are very cute and I like that you made the little sleeves to protect them. :)

S. Etole said...

Fun catching up with your creative projects. The bottles are fascinating.

Halle said...

These are really nice!!!!!! Love the colors and your white "noodles".

Anonymous said...

I didn't know there was any other way to pronounce it. Learn something new each day. I love the color palette that you chose and the little sleeves are just too cute!

Neesie said...

Little moles in their bathrobes sound so cute.
I'm with you...I've always said mole skin.
Wish Out Loud and Dream in the Daytime are perfect...just perfect!