Friday, May 4, 2012


it has been a very busy week
now it's friday, and I feel the need to string at least one cohesive thought together
my journal is a good place to go for that

lately I've been using a large sized spiral notebook
(instead of the mini moleskine I've used before)
I begin with covering every bit of the lined paper with something
(torn up bits from magazines and my clipping stash)

my glue is
my ever present jar of mod podge
applied with a cruddy but big paint brush
(usually I use matte instead of gloss, but I happened to grab this one today)

for my "thought"
I like to take a paragraph of text and circle the words that mean something to me
then I block out the rest
and finally I gesso and pretty it up with pencil or paint
my words today:

     step 1: circle words                                   step 2: block out the rest                           step 3: gesso and pretty it up 

then I take those words and use them to string my thought:

I add some more bits and scraps
pretty it up with gesso, paint, pencil, etc.

and in about an hour I have some of my sanity restored

happy friday
we're skidding into the home stretch here
hopefully you are too


Caterina Giglio said...

wonderful page and sentiment... so cheerful and uplifting! x

Tracey FK said...

Such a great page and loved seeing your process... it does save one's sanity at times to get a bit of glue and paint happening... I think just the smell of gesso fixes most things...xx

Yvonne said...

Sometimes that is how I get some of my 'small stones', by circling words on a page and putting them together some way. At times it's an easy thing for me and other times not. Love your pages and also how you put your words together. I really love collage and now have the whole art league into that and altered books. LOL
Have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. said...

Hey--have you seen Austin Kleone's site---that's his nom-de plume crossing out words! Great minds think alike...and I had to remind myself what Mod Podge was since I haven't used acrylic for so long...I think I better get some...there is a slim chance I might actually journal sensibly in one place at some time again...unfortunately, I am scattered amongst note books, drawing pads, and a random assortment of backs-of-envelopes, or receipts, post-it pads, and scraps of all sort. I tend to grab whatever is closest to hand, and it's a wonder I ever find what I'm looking for later! Your clarity shows n the mere fact that you have a journal, and a mighty pretty one at that! hat's off to the home-stretch!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I completely adore how your mind works. These are beautiful pages and I would never have thought to use a spiral notebook like that!

amy of studio four corners said...

your techique is inspiring...I've never been much of a journal keeper but I'm intrigued with your process...I've done the blocking out of text to create a story...but I like that you take it one step further and make it your own...happy friday to you too!

Ms. said...

Hi- i'm back to pass you the Ted Talk regarding the crossing out artist
I misspelled in my first post:

Elizabeth said...

That's remarkable -- I can't imagine how beautiful all of these journals must be, viewed one after the other. Do you have many?

~*~Patty S said...

Love your journal pages and it is especially nice to see how they evolved!

I am surprised that Mod Podge works in your rainy clime? that stuff never wants to dry for me

Happy Weekend to you and yours dear Kimmie!

Fallingladies said...

Love seeing your process!

ooglebloops said...

My daily journal is far from daily lately!! Seeing yours is inspiring me to get busy on this rainy afternoon!!!

Teri said... home stretch here. I have one more year to go. I promised that I would babysit for 2 years. She turns one on May 26. We're counting the days some weeks!

Anonymous said...

Lovely process Kimmie. I like how you pretty it up. So sweet. Spiral notebooks for me always as a leftie, or loose bound ones anyhoo. Great idea, have to think about this is a possibility. Thanks for sharing. xox

sukipoet said...

a charming way to restore sanity.