Monday, April 9, 2012

the garden is calling ...

... and is a favorite hangout on a day like this ...

iced tea for me
lemonade for my daughter
... and a scattering of easter toys ...

I planted lettuce this afternoon

captured this bee with my camera
(that is hard to do!)

found these partially shaded and backlit tulips

and a straight up view through the apple (or is it pear?) tree

I have been very unplugged for the last few days
re-entry is hard!
we enjoyed  g l o r i o u s  weather
- very rare around here for early spring -

back to creating this week and planning some blog posts

I have gardening on my mind ... and am hatching a pretty cool garden marker tutorial

painted a little illustration today: "night gardening"

I want to paint some more stones with spring flowers and birds

the list is growing

what's on your list?
don't forget to take time for tea!


Tracey FK said...

glad it is warm enough for iced tea already... and your flower photos are lovely... makes me wish I lived in a climate that had real seasons... I unplugged for a week at the beach and it was pretty glorious once I got used to it, but now am painting and drawing up a storm and busy pretending that the ironing pile isn't about to topple over and that winter uniforms for next term at school don't have to be readied... hope lots more iced tea weather is headed your way...
my tea post is at..
Trace xx

Becca said...

So happy to hear you are getting some sunshine & warmth! Be there in a couple of weeks to find a house!

Yvonne said...

Your first photo looks like everything is floating on water. :)
Getting my studio office organized is top of my list for inside things to do. I'm enjoying being outside most days...even got the veggie garden planted, now that the fence is up. Going to look for more plants today with my friend Karen. Painting now and then, but look forward to more mixed media creativeness soon. Happy tea day.

ale said...

dear kimmie! spring walks with you and your inspiration is a lovely friend!!! to feel the sun ,the outside,the a glory!!!we,how loves art and creative life...always have growing lists!!jaja!!!!!like the flowers!!!!besos enormousssss kimmie!!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Iced tea sounds nice, but obviously not in the morning (grin). It looks beautiful there. Today is the first day it hasn't rained in about a week, except for most of Sunday.

I love what you do with your camera. I really, really MUST get a new one. The one I'm using simply doesn't work right and I can't even get decent photos on it, especially NOTHING like what you get with yours. May I ask where you bought yours? Was it a local or big box store?

I was especially fond of the bee and the backlit tulip. Lovely compositions AND great photo skills.

Here is my tea post today:

Anonymous said...

This post is just chuck full of the glories of spring and all that hot, neon color that early blooms can provide. Kudos for the bee shot, they are fine subjects but hard to get because of being on the move so much. Enjoy your wonderful garden !!

Join me for tea:

*jean* said... post is almost the same as yours...great weather here too...wanting to unplug completely, forever! but then i know i'd miss i don't...can't wait to see more rocks and toots!! so glad you are enjoying your sunshine and had a happy easter-time...xo jean

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't dare to plant lettuces here. glad you can. Wood stove still cranking in the morning and at night. But the bulbs are emerging and tiny muscari are a welcome sight. Enjoy your weather and tea. xox

~*~Patty S said...

ah what a lovely shot (well many shots!) of Spring...and the bee...well done indeed!

It is a beautiful time of year for certain

Hope your had a lovely Easter...I can't believe it has come and gone already!

Pop by for

tea when you plug back in :)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I appreciate the update. I knew you told me what kind of a camera it was, but couldn't find anything even similar locally. Now I know why!

*jean* said...

btw... your bee is bee-utiful!

Halle said...

Beautiful photos! I can appreciate how difficult it is to capture those bees!
Hope you had a great day!
BTW--I think I'm going to use your fork plant marker idea. LOVE IT!

Gayle Price said...

What a gorgeous way to spend your day. Nothing beats being outside in beautiful weather, close to nature and nurturing your own personal piece of earth. Your photos are wonderful, I especially love those tulips. Good luck with your creative projects you are planning...can't wait to see. xx

Lynn Cohen said...

gorgeous photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She Who Doodles said...

i can't believe you've seen a bee already. great shot.