Tuesday, April 3, 2012

first cup

ordinarily, my first cup of tea is around 5:30 am
today it was around 8 am
ahhh, the simple luxuries

my first cup is always irish breakfast with milk added
and it's always in my "ugly mug"
I like this mug because it's big and the tea stays hot
it's steeps as I'm sipping
it's really strong tea - but it wakes me up

I'm at my kitchen table
prying my eyes open
and keeping company with the easter eggs

I love these eggs
they're from pre-school days
each egg has a lesson about Jesus death and resurrection

this egg has a rock
symbolizing the rock rolled in front of the tomb


do you need a strong start to your day too?
whether it's 5 or 8 am makes no difference to me
I still need that extra help

I hope your day is great ....
... and your week too!


Sue said...

Your tea looks like what my husband calls "mouse trotter" tea.....strong enough for a mouse to trot across without sinking! :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is my kind of tea. Not quite white enough, but close (grin).

I keep getting an error 503 when I come to your blog. It's on several blogger blogs, but yours is the first I've found today. Maybe I need those eggs for a bit of blogger luck!

Have a super tea Tuesday, dear friend.

Elizabeth said...

My strong start is coffee, not tea. Even though I have a cold and should be drinking tea, I had to make coffee this morning. One cup with a lot of milk and one teaspoon of sugar.

Anonymous said...

Between 5 and 8 sounds great, usually closer to 6 for me. Strong tea, strong coffee, it all sounds good about now. Love your table cloth. xox

Halle said...

I assume your later start is due to Spring Break for the kiddos. Mine are also off this week.
I always start the day with several cups of black coffee...no cream...no sugar. My dad told me when I first started drinking coffee that if I couldn't drink it black, that I had no business drinking it.
Have a wonderful day!

Rita said...

Mine is piping hot, black coffee made from freshly ground beans...ahhh! ;)

Gayle Price said...

Good morning to you. Love all your photos; at first I thought the eggs were little egg shaped balloons. What a very cute and lovely idea to have the real story of Easter in these little capsules. Have a safe and happy Easter. xx

Yvonne said...

Missed posting for tea day, have lots going on, but trying to go around a bit to read others tea posts.
I guess we all have a favorite mug or cup. My DH only uses the white ones. My father in law only likes to use a Santa Claus cup, no matter the season. LOL

My Grama's Soul said...

Yep.....I always need a strong kick in the pants to wake me up....I'll tell ya that. Starbucks Cafe Verona....does the trick everytime.



Neesie said...

I'm not sure I should divulge this information to an open forum but my cup of tea arrives by magic...well sort of because it just appears on my bedside cabinet each morning. It's the perfect way to start the day...and works everytime.
The only trouble is the blinds open by magic too...whatever the time ~ normally around 6am!
(Bless him ;D)

Unknown said...

Oh Yes, I nice strong cup of coffee with sweetener and milk. Sounds like heaven. I would say I usually drink my fix at about 6 in the morning and don't stop till around noon. Your photos are so pretty!

sukipoet said...

kukicha tea sends me into the day with a skip. neat eggs with the lessons inside. happy easter

Teri said...

I can feel the touch of that mug on my lips, Kim! I have one of those treasured mugs and it always feels so smooth and silky against my lips when I sip. I always drink decaf tea but this stuff that you are sipping sounds so good. Does it come in decaf?

~*~Patty S said...

how nice to get some extra winks...
Love your colorful and meaningful eggs dear Kimmie

wishing you a lovely day and a very Happy Easter

*jean* said...

hope you have a beautiful weekend!