Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tea and Butterflies

I'm drinking tea today with 7 butterflies that I made yesterday.
Each butterfly represents one in 1.5 million children that perished in the Holocaust.
I'll be sending them to Two Dresses Studio
in participation with the Butterfly Effect project
at the Houston Holocaust Museum
Click on the butterfly below 
to learn more about how Trudi Sissons at Two Dresses Studio 
is collecting butterflies to send to the museum.

* * *

In honor of our newest Tea on Tuesday blogger, Gayle of Bliss and Gesso, I'm drinking Madura Tea from New South Wales, Down Under.
(Gayle may join us this week or next - it's a little confusing with the nearly 36 hour time difference.)

(It was on Gayle's blog that I first read about "The Butterfly Effect" project.)

I just love how this tea is described as 
"a unique, coloury, flavoursome tea." 

what a fabulous attribute for a tea!

I like that!
especially for tea dying techniques :)

* * *

I hope your Tuesday is flavoursome and coloury!
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~*~Patty S said...

Perfectly lovely and meaningful tea dear Kimmie.
Trudi is doing a beautiful thing collecting butterflies to send to Houston.
Happy sweet tea to you and yours!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a coloury post. Love that word and the spelling, too.

Your butterflies are adorable. Seven! What a magic number and each so beautiful and colorful. Hope you are having a great Tuesday Tea!

BadPenny said...

I've sent my butterfly ! Love yours - isn't it great to be involved ? Happy TT xx

Caterina Giglio said...

coloury and flavorsome post!! your butterflies are wonderful and this tea looks great, so glad that Gail is joining in on the T party! xox

Yvonne said...

Lovely post! Thanks for visiting my tea post today. Kerrville is actually where my friend Lana lives....small world isn't it.

Nancy said...

Good afternoon everyone :)
Kimmie thanks for that site again, I was looking in the wrong place for it. Now to get busy and finish the butterflies :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I think that your butterflies are very coloury! I think that I must find some of that tea too! Happy day to you Kimmie, and I loved the post about your dad, great guy, how lucky you are! hugs, Christen

sukipoet said...

just lovely butterflies

Gayle Price said...

Hi Kimmie,thanks so much for your lovely warm welcome to Tea on Tuesday and for bringing out the Australian tea, so very thoughtful. We don't grow much tea or coffee but as a nation we sure love to drink it, ( along with beer ). Your butterflies look so pretty,and thanks for spreading the word. xx

BadPenny said...

Oh great to have you in my swap - I don't mind posting over the pond if you are Ok with sending !
I'll wait a week or two & see how many swappers we get - really hoping for twelve then I can allocate which of the twelve days for each swapper.

I don't have that book - I found the image on amason but I do have a very funny Quentin Blake one which I've shown at The Hen House today to advertise the swap over there !
You never know some of my chicken keeping friends might want to join in the swap too !!!

Thanks Kimmie xx

Steph said...

I certainly love those colors, Kimmie!!! have a happy week!

rebecca said...

dear kimmie,

this is amazing...this reaching out and making a difference.
you might know i am hosting a collection of blog posts (sept. 30)...exulting
the use, love, passion, all things regarding paper.

certainly one could use a favorite existing post...
this would be a great offering...and help get the word out to a wider audience.
how could a paperlicious blog party be complete with out
"words on paper scraps"?


ELK said...

now THAT is the way to spend tea tuesday! your butterflies are so pretty kimmie