Tuesday, September 21, 2010

special tea

One of our stops in Seattle (see yesterday's post)
was The Vital Leaf tea shop

It's a tasting room where you can 
enjoy sampling all sorts of teas that
you might not ordinarily try.
The first question the host will ask is:
"what is your favorite type of tea to drink?"
(I said black)

... and then they proceed to show you the best way to brew it ...
 the idea is to start out with what you already know and like
and learn how to improve it by a better brewing technique.
For instance,
with black tea,
she said that traditionally the hot water is run through the tea first to warm it and wash it,
then it is steeped - only briefly - about 1 minute.

The teas I tasted: 
lychee black, coconut green, dragon well, 
siberian rose and osmanthus, jasmine pearl, and hibiscus.

I think my favorite was the coconut green tea.
Oh my goodness .....

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margie said...

i forget to drink tea. today would be a perfect day to have a cup. rainy and grey.

~*~Patty S said...

Fantastic tea shop ... lovely photos and info Kimmie!
Happy Peace T to you today :)

Terri Kahrs said...

What a lovely tea today, Kimmie! So serene and informative. I love the tea 'names'. Hugs, Terri xoxox

BadPenny said...

Would love to try this as I only really drink English breakfast tea ...should try more to be a REAL T Tuesday girl !!!

*jean* said...

o i love that frog! your tea day sounds wonderful...coconut green sounds delish!!!

Janelle said...

Wow, I steep my black tea way longer than that! What a fantastic place to visit, I'm envious!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What an amazing place. I really enjoyed this and learned a lot just reading your post. The photos are awesome, too. I bet you and your family had a great time.

Sorry I'm so late getting here. I've had a nightmare of a day with my internet and computer. I downloaded the latest version of Firefox and it's shut me down or froze me up every time I tried to go anywhere.

Elizabeth said...

That coconut green tea sounds delicious. I wonder if you can buy it anywhere?

Steph said...

Glad you enjoyed your tea, Kimmie....love the names of teas you've tried as well.. cheers...

Gayle Price said...

I would love to join you all for Tea on Tuesday. what do I do ( I'm pretty new to " blogging") and cos I'm in Australia do I post on Wed. to make it Tuesday ? I'm confused ; need a cup of tea I think. Cheers