Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what is t on tuesday?

I started my t on tuesday gig a little over a year ago.
I was becoming a little ocd about posting a lot of posts and needed a mental break.
Tea will give you that - a mental break.
Tuesday became a welcome relief from the "look what I made" posts all the time.
Then I started my other blog as another kind of mental break,
but that's another story.
So "Tea on Tuesday" - or just "t" has become that needed break for a few other bloggers as well.
We post something about our cuppa (tea, coffee, etc) and whatever else we feel like chatting about ....
even the "look what I made" stuff - cuz we all love to see what you made!
So if you feel like adding some "t" to your blog, just let me know and I'll add you to the link list I put up every week.
Oh - and - it's no pressure.
If you miss a week or 2 or 3 - we now you'll be back.
It is just a t party after all.

Today's t was all drunk up while it was still dark out :)
Tetley's British Blend and soft boiled eggs.
The breakfast of champions!

I wanted to share my favorite Christmas presents with you.
This first one was from my 8 yr old daughter.
The pom-poms and the note were stashed inside the handy dandy toilet paper tube carrier.
The note says (verbatim):
"thees are not just pom-pom's.
there kiss's for when you when your sad, mad, fruchuated (frustrated), sory exc (etc) ...
you can just put them on your cheeks and it's like me kissing you and they last forever!!!"
...  wow - just wow ....

... and then this cool gift from my dear auntie.
She said,
"I've had this for years and thought you'd like it for your art."
I think it's a cookie press ...
do you know?
I'd love any info if you've got it ...
Please visit these other lovely bloggers and their "t" spot:


Anonymous said...

Dear Kimmie- I cried over your lovely pom-pom kisses! Thank you for sharing that dear gift. And of course I think that I say from all of us thank you for starting T, because we all do enjoy it so! xoxo Christen

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What is better than Tea and pom-pom kisses. Well, your mom showing off the lovely gift on her blog, of course.

Elizabeth said...

The present from your daughter is wonderful -- I especially love the toilet paper tube holder! And I'm wondering if that mold was for butter, perhaps? Just a thought...or shortbread?

BadPenny said...

Kimmie this is so sweet - the idea behind the T on Tuesday post I really understand - sometimes I want to scream & stop the Blog.

I adore the sweet gift as my own children have overwhwlmed me with their love this Christmas.

Yes - I think it could be a butter mould - it is lovely ! xx

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Precious PomPom kisses, it doesn't get much better than that!
I agree with your other visitors, perhaps a butter mold ... a really special one at that!
Tea with all of you is most enjoyable...all ways!

Terri Kahrs said...

OOooooooh, Kimmie, I LOVE your "love" present! What a wonderful, loving, thoughtful gift of the heart! I'm sooo happy I stopped by for "T" today! Hugs, Terri xoxo

PS I think it's a butter mold too!

ooglebloops said...

Like everyone else - love thepom-pom kisses!!! And yes, I think it is a butter mold. But, I know it will become something wonderful with you!!!

Doreen G said...

Pom-pom kisses are special and they should come in handy in the future.
I am pretty sure that the item is a mold for putting designs on shortbread especially at Christmas.
My Aunty had one and she was of Scottish birth.
I think she used to roll the dough in a ball and then push it into the mold.
Whatever it is it will make great patterns on something.

Anonymous said...

I believe the mould is for shortbread, as I have seen them in antique stores here. A lovely gift from your daughter
first visit to your blog and it was a t-riffic read.
Best wishes for 2010.

Rosie said...

I keep MEANING to join in with the T thingy (tho it would have to be coffee) but I forget until about Thursday .... Menopausal brain death.

Judy said...

I was late for tea but did post today. I figure with all that's filled that thing we call life lately, a day late is nothing. :)

Your "not just pom-pom's" are precious to behold. I bet your little one melted your heart.

I'm not sure what the mold is for, but it is way cool.

Thank you for hosting Tea On Tuesday. It's one of the simple things of life I love to do for me.


S. Etole said...

soft butterfly kisses your pompom kisses ... what a beautiful gift

holly aka golly said...

Happy New Year! I love the pom poms. The mold look similar to springerle cookie molds that I use at Christmas. Although, perhaps it is a butter mold? You can try a gingerbread recipe, roll dough to 1/4 inch, then press into the mold and lightly roll on the back, remove from mold and trim. To prevent sticking, you can either dust before each use with powdered sugar and have toothpicks handy to keep details clean or I also use nonstick spray one time, wipe off excess and you are all set to do a batch! Good luck!

Char said...

Well you have a sweet daughter. And thoughtful too.