Monday, January 18, 2010

my favorite quote

... my favorite quote from Dr. King
used today in my art/heart journal.
The drawing was created by my middle child (9 yrs old).
Apple trees seem to always be a favorite subject for children.
This one is replete with a swing, a bird nest and its bird, a chipmunk and his hole in the tree.

... have a beautiful MLK day ...
I always try to read a thoughtful book on this day
I'll tell you what it was tomorrow over tea :)


Ana Márquez said...

I love your work.
I love your blog.

A big hug from Spain

(I've found you from Christina's blog)


*jean* said...

what a sweet drawing!! it has everything you need to enjoy the day! see you tomorrow for tea, dear kimmie!

Chriss Rollins said...

Kimmi you are right I remember always drawing apple trees as a child.

Back to your beautiful mould I think it is for being able to recognise what filling is in a pie...for eg you have rabbit/hare,
mushrooms, bird/fowl however I cannot make out the other one.

The pie crust would have a pastry scone with an inprint on the top so the cook would know what was in the pie and it could also be used to recognise the flavour of a pate.
BUT I could be

wonderful pompom kisses.

chriss x

ELK said...

kimmie I was hoping that was a drawing of your daughter' very sweet, great collaboration

Lawendula said...

Nice quote, nice blog and I love the piggies doing their piggie things.
Enjoy your tea!

Unknown said...

I love the idea of reading a thoughtful book to mark a special day. It 's an intentional way of honouring.

and that picture of your child's is precious, love the heart shaped apples.