Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tea and "what is it?"

I'm still getting input as to what this wooden press or stamp would be used for.
The images on it are: a bird, mushrooms, a hare and what looks to me like a cornucopia.

Here are just some of the ideas that have been passed along:

I am pretty sure that the item is a mold for putting designs on shortbread especially at Christmas.
My Aunty had one and she was of Scottish birth.
I think she used to roll the dough in a ball and then push it into the mold.
Whatever it is it will make great patterns on something.

-Doreen G

The mold look similar to springerle cookie molds that I use at Christmas. Although, perhaps it is a butter mold? You can try a gingerbread recipe, roll dough to 1/4 inch, then press into the mold and lightly roll on the back, remove from mold and trim. To prevent sticking, you can either dust before each use with powdered sugar and have toothpicks handy to keep details clean or I also use nonstick spray one time, wipe off excess and you are all set to do a batch! Good luck!
-Holly aka Golly

Back to your beautiful mould I think it is for being able to recognise what filling is in a pie...for eg you have rabbit/hare,
mushrooms, bird/fowl however I cannot make out the other one.
The pie crust would have a pastry scone with an inprint on the top so the cook would know what was in the pie and it could also be used to recognise the flavour of a pate.
BUT I could be wrong...lol.

-Chriss Rollins

In this next photo, I made some shortbread cookies ....
I think Chriss' suggestion that it would be used to label pies may be right - because of what the images are (hare, bird, mushroom ...)
I also think a pie crust dough would puff less and the images would be more clear.
I will have to make a savory pie and test it.
Anyway, it's been a fun and tasty experiment.

.... and another, "What's this?"

well he's just a silly little bunny for my cousin's baby that will be due in the summer :)

(HERE's the free knitting pattern I used)

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ELK said...

oh a beautiful wooden press...I NEVER would have thought to do the cookies...i am going to make a cup of tea now....

sukipoet said...

most interesting guesses i have no idea

*jean* said...

hi kimmie! i think it could be a butter mold, it looks like the right size for butter pat plates and butter would retain the mold shape..your bunny is adorable!

BadPenny said...

oh thank you for updating us - I do love the mould !

Great idea - it was used for marking out the pies ( I still think it's a butter mould ) will you ever find out ?

lovely looking cookies !

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I agree with Jean about the butter mold, but you certainly used it nicely for baking! All of the possibilities are very interesting ... this world wide web is fantastic, isn't it!
I can just see that precious bunny being gummed and dragged and Loved oh so much ... it's darling!!!
Happy T Tuesday to you dear Kimmie!

ooglebloops said...

Well, obviously, the mold is perfectly suited to a wide variety of uses!! The cookies worked perfectly!!! I still think butter mold, but it's working for you!!!Happy Tuesday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Tea Kimmie, and I think that your cookies would hit the spot just about now, thanks for sharing and taking us along on the ride. hugs..

Terri Kahrs said...

Love your mold and that sweet, adorable bunny! Thanks for the pattern too, Kimmie! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Alice said...

Hi, I agree with Holly. Your mold does look like a Springerle mold. They are thought to have originated in Southern Germany, the Alsace region of France and parts of Switzerland in the 1400's.
The molds can also be used for paper, wax, and clay castings, but it is not recommended to reuse the mold for food if it has been used for wax or clay castings.
Alice - The Springerle Bakery

Rosie said...

I thought of a butter mould too, but think it could be all or any of the above!! How clever of you to mould biscuits/cookies with it!