Monday, November 25, 2013

thankful - salamat

after having painted and sent out 34 stones this week
I am able to donate $170 to ShelterBox USA
... I have many stones left ...

you may participate in this effort with me HERE

After further research and consideration, I have decided to designate future donations to be made to the organization Doctors Without Borders. My reasoning is that in the coming months this terrible event will evolve into a major health crisis (much as it did in Haiti). In developing nations, care for the sick and injured is already a precarious enterprise - and a disaster like this one easily topples whatever basic system was in place.

thank you - salamat - for joining with me


Gayle Price said...

You are a beautiful generous and sensible and caring. xx

Annie Cholewa said...

Gayle is right, you are a such a generous soul.

Doctors without Borders/Medicine Sans Frontier is always my charity of choice, and where any pennies I make from my knitting patterns and blog go, so I'm certainly not going to argue with your change in recipient :)