Wednesday, November 13, 2013

color therapy

I uploaded these pictures this morning
the colors had me positively enraptured - I had to grab my camera to share it with you all

and here is this afternoon's work using that same watercolor sheet:

these are my two favorites:
(perhaps because there are faces in them)

thank you Kim at Queen of Arts for your inspiration in finding creatures and faces within splashes of color - I have borrowed your technique - and knowing your grace generosity, you are ok with that 


Anonymous said...

Oh you are having fun! Love these swirling watercolors. xox

Ms. said...

Delis! Delightful! Delectable!
Really nice, Paradise...and I am going to use this technique on my holiday cards! Thank you for sharing.

Kim Mailhot said...

More than ok, Kimmie! Grateful to have inspired you! There is a great freedom in this technique, isn't there?
Your blob beings are so beautiful and totally have your own vibe to them. Enjoy where the play takes you!

Elizabeth said...

Green and blue -- those are my colors and I never, ever tire of them. These are very beautiful, Kim!

*jean* said...

beeeeutiful!!! how very lovely!

Annie Cholewa said...

Beautiful palette Kimmie, I'm not surprised you're happy with these :)

Halle said...

These are gorgeous! Love the color palette. Amazing what a little bit of black pen can do. I may have to try this technique myself...once I find my workdesk again. ;)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm trying to catch up on posts I have missed since I started Art Every Day Month. I want to start with the free stuff at the curb. Sounds to me like you have a camera on your phone that is similar to my OLD camera. I am so in love with my new one, I have no idea why I didn't get it before. Not as good as your Nikon, but it definitely doesn't pixelate.

Next, I want to say how much I like your brooches. They are lovely.

And of course, I love your journal therapy. Looks worthy of being called an altered book page. Gotta love what you did with the tea tag.

And finally, those watercolors are nothing less than brilliant. The process looks very liberating.

Have a lovely weekend. I hope to stay in touch better before the end of the month.

Catharina Maria said...

This is so beautiful Kimmie , love the colors !
Love from RINI .

DAWN said...

Kim is a GREAT inspiration, as are you!!
Love those first two photos--fascinating images as the water sits atop the paper. I love the calming color pallet you used, too.
I have been tempted myself to play with this technique after seeing all the lovely images Kim gets and now you! what to do, what to do? ;-)

Gayle Price said...

Beautiful !!! Love the colours, love the faces. xx

Tracey FK said...

these are simply amazing Kim... loved catching up on what you have been up to... but these really caught my eye...xx