Friday, November 8, 2013


brooching definition:
busy making brooches

that was me today
... until I put on my "mom on the run" hat

now I have a song stuck in my head:

stuck inside these four walls
sent inside forever
never seeing no one, nice again,
like you, mama
you, mama, you
if I ever get out of here

thought of giving it all away
to a registered charity
all I need is a pint a day
if I ever get out of here
if I ever get out of here
-P McCartney Band on the Run


Halle said...

I like your new brooches...
Wearing all those different hats in one day can be exhausting, right?! But we wouldn't trade it for the world....
Happy Day to you, my friend.

Jill said...

I think we have very similar days....

Elizabeth said...

Those are so pretty -- as are all the goodies that came in my mail today from you. Just WOW!

Kim Mailhot said...

Love your soldered brooches, Kim!
Now I have that song in my head !
I hope you take your band on the run today ! ;)
Happy Weekend !

Linda Vincent said...

Really like the brooches...can we see more?
And now you have me also singing the song..... ;-)

Linda Vincent said...

Aha.....just discovered I can see more on Etsy! :-)

Kim Henkel Creations said...

I too love the new brooches. I have been so busy jewelrying! Fun but exhausting amid the rest of lifes duties!