Saturday, March 30, 2013

colorful easter fun

my little town has an Easter Parade every year
my favorites are the tractor club old guys:

 and then there's the Sauerkraut Band:

and the lady who dresses up her llama (I sometimes see her walking him around town):

then there's the High School marching band:

and my favorite band member (my oldest daughter - she's in the long braid):

and walking back home we were all looking up:

and I took my eggs out of their overnight natural dye bath (tutorial courtesy of Patty):

a colorful day
one so colorful that we can almost forget that winter ever happened

Happy Easter to you and yours
with love from me and mine
xo  :)  xo


Halle said...

What a fun "pre-Easter" or PrEaster as it was coined at our house today. We had my mom over for a meal and visit today. But a parade looks like fun! Esp...when you have your girl in it!!

Elizabeth said...

I remember your Easter parade and feel jealous of it each time you post photos. Your daughter looks adorable, and oh, those eggs! I'm happy to see blue skies your way, too -- I know that can be rare!

Happy, happy Easter --

sukipoet said...

a real easter parade. what a great way to welcome spring. your eggs are gorgeous as is that tree. happy easter.

Yvonne said...

Oh that brings back memories of when my two oldest played in the band in the parades. One played the flute too. Fun times.
Your eggs are beautiful. Love those two colors together. Once I got into putting a rusty color and turquoise into all my fiber art pieces. I loved the combination and still do, in anything.
Happy Easter to you!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

And a very happy, joyful, safe, and peaceful Easter to you, too Kimmie. BTW, I love the hand sewn completed tea bag piece you showed. It blew me away. Simply lovely. Reminds me of what my Grandmother could accomplish when she hand quilted her quilts.

Gayle Price said...

Wonderful photos, beautiful and talented daughter, the blue of sky and the pink of blossom always lifts the spirits and your gorgeous patterned eggs look amazing. I hope you have had a lovely Easter. xx

femminismo said...

Such a fun parade and wonderful eggs. so pretty. I'll have to look into the tutorial for next year. ALSO, I finally published the story Cat Man, which I set out pieces of with library cards. I think you took part in this. Sorry to be four years late! - Jeanne

Anonymous said...

Oh your eggs were beautiful Kim. The natural colors so much more interesting than the dyed days of old. What a fun parade. I love the movie Easter Parade.....not as many parades as their used to be. xox

Jill said...

Your eggs are beautiful and the parade reminds me of the annual Labor Day parade here. I have two flute players! (not at the same time..) May your Easter week be blessed!!

Caterina Giglio said...

so fun... reminds me of the little townie parades we had in Fort Collins... and your eggs, are just gorgeous... Hope your Easter was just as beautiful... x

~*~Patty S said...

What a fun parade it is and special for so many reasons...your daughter sure looks lovely too!
The dressed up Llama pix had me going for a bit ...
Your eggs turned out like little pieces of art ... too pretty to crack I'm thinking ... really gorgeous! :)
thank you also for the kind mention dear Kimmie
Happy April to you and yours dear one