Tuesday, October 14, 2014

travel notebook

I'm leaving tomorrow for a long weekend visiting with family and realized after packing my bag that I needed a notebook to journal the trip.

The how to:

A natural or kraft notebook (not a slick or shiny finish)
Book text
Mod podge (or any other acrylic gel medium)

I trimmed the photo to fit, sanded the edges with fine grit sand paper, then peeled off the back layer of photo paper. This gives you a thinner photo to work with as well as giving you a nice texture for gluing the photo to the notebook. Apply mod podge to the back of the photo and to the cover of the notebook. Position photo and smooth out any bubbles. Apply another coat to the top of the photo, continuing to smooth out any bubbles. Add text. Apply mod podge over all. Let dry. Pack in your bag.


Ms. said...

Lovely--oh happy recollecting <3

Elizabeth said...

I hope your trip is a good one with memories worthy of recording!

Gayle Price said...

Love your little book !! Have a fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly adorable and so handy to take at this size. xox

Gberger said...

Beautiful idea. And I wish you a Bon Voyage!