Monday, August 18, 2014

dried and dipped

The last of my 2013 hydrangea harvest went out in the mail today.

it's a special thing I have in my Etsy shop - at first I thought it was just a silly listing - but hydrangea love is out there.

My husband the grows them - and I dry them. It was "outside of the box" thinking led me to dipping them in beeswax.

I then snip the tiny blossoms from their stems. 

And off they go - priority mail. Uses for these? Does something really have to be useful? But if you insist - they're gorgeous on wedding tables. 
I keep mine in mason jar and call it Summer is Saved.

Look for the 2014 harvest in my shop come September. 
Summer is Saved.


Ms. said...

:-) Makes me glad

Anonymous said...

Oh love your hydrangea dips. xox

Gberger said...

You have so many creative, wonderful ideas!