Saturday, August 9, 2014

9 days in August

August is my favorite month
there are no official holidays - but each day feels like one

august (definition): 1. inspiring awe, admiration, or reverence; majestic; imposing. 2. of high birth or rank; venerable; eminent [to increase, exalt]

(left to right, top to bottom, August 1-9th, my life through a quarter inch lens)

Lunch on the front porch
Collection of embroidery thread
My bedroom window in the afternoon
Antique quilt in morning sun
An arrangement of three things
Reflection of the railroad bridge in the river
Blackberry picking
Selfie while on the phone in my parked car
My bag and what's in it


DAWN said...

Lovely, all of it. I quite like your thread and your comforter in the light.

Anonymous said...

Shot of the bridge is amazing. All are pretty but that on ereally resonates. xox

Ms. said...


Each and every
close and far
inside or outside
other than self
self observed
all ibserved

Ms. said...

(replace above with this)


Each and every
Close or far
Other than self
All observed

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful and diverse life you lead, and manage to capture it in your lens.

Gayle Price said...

Beautiful ! Love the "story" of your August. Inspiring little pictures. I love August too, mainly because I love winter. I might have to steal your idea ( if that's ok ? )

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

One more week and I have to return to work at school. Bah Humbug! Have an awesome August! Tammy

amy of studio four corners said...

lovin' your collection of August pics - I keep meaning to join in...but for some reason...looking forward to the rest of the month's pics (assuming you will be posting the rest!)

Healing Woman said...

Very nice way to represent August! I scrolled down and really love the tutorial of the making of your business cards. They are unique and you are right, who would ever toss such little gems away? Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

So pretty and evocative -- each photo.

By the way, August 27 is my birthday, and I've always felt like it's a weird, forgotten day. The end of August -- just before everything starts up again.

I loved this post and had forgotten what the word "august" actually means!

Kim Mailhot said...

Love your pics and your August Mood.
Happy Monday !

Halle said...

Lovely the post processing. I didn't realize that August had a definition. I had a Great-Uncle named August. :)

~*~Patty S said...

Lovely mosaic!
Happy August ♥

*jean* said...

i must admit, i covet your threads...