Thursday, May 2, 2013

one fine day #5

5:56 a.m.
(looking out the window: tea in hand and 26 minutes into my day)
it started out to be, and has remained, 
one fine day


Yvonne said...

Gee, you are an early riser like me. It's still dark here at that time though. I love mornings and glad your day is going well.

avacare said...
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Gayle Price said...

What a photo ! Love it. So 'ordinary' but eerily 'dramatic'. Your wind-chimes too are beautiful and I bet make a wonderful variety of tinkling sounds. I'm enjoying your 'daily' photos very much. xx

Becca said...

Hasn't it been beautiful? Enjoy the weekend. We are heading over to the Alderbrook resort on the Hood Canal for a 3day conference...should be lovely there! Can't wait to see the wind chime of keys. Still want to try your bottle cap flowers but can't figure out how to get the lids smooth? Maybe I have a goofy can opener. Lol

Tammy said...

Now I can't get the song out of my head:

One fine day, you'll look at me And you will know our love was meant to be One fine day, you're gonna want me for your girl.

Lovely moon shot! Have a great weekend. Tammy