Saturday, May 4, 2013

this is NOT walmart

let me explain:
while chasing down some credit card fraud in my name
I found on my credit report that I'm employed at WalMart as a manager,
I enjoy shopping at Bloomingdale's,
and I was hoping to rack up some major American Airline miles with my new platinum Visa card

I'm getting it ironed out

in the meantime,
while NOT working at WalMArt
(thank God)
I get to do other things
for instance:
the wind chime in collaboration with the 4/5/6 class for their art auction

it turned out great and the kids are proud
... so much better than my other fictitious life ...


Zue said...

How wonderful:)))

Zue said...

The above comment, Kim is from Zue/Sue at
Www.aviewoftheworld from
Google is messing with my brain

Yvonne said...

Oh no, I hope you get it all worked out. Many years ago I got my identity mixed up with a woman who had the same name as I do. It took about 4 months to get it all straightened out. It was awful.

I love the chimes. So cute and unique. A good way to use up 'stuff'.

Anonymous said...

Love the wind chime and hope you get the cc mess straightened out pronto. Xox

Elizabeth said...

I wish someone would steal my identity and all of my debt. I'd be happy to change my name should that be the price.

Ms. said...

The chime is super charming, but the card debacle stinks. I have no credit card (choice and circumstance) and glad of it...still, I get robo calls about renewing my mortgage. I cought one off guard the other day and confronted a totally clueless, no doubt minimum wage worker named Keesha...when I said, I am a senior citizen who owns nothing, no mortgages and no credit cards...and who are you? She couldn't answer. Where are you located? We're not allowed to give that information maam. Do you have a manager? Yes. Let me speak to your manager. She hung up. Sigh. I'm sure not who the anonymous millions of corporate entities on fishing trips think I am...but that's fine with me.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I bet all the kids think you are COOLEST mom. What a fun wind chime.

Sorry about your credit debacle. I used to have several credit cards, then my identity got stolen along with my purse. It took nearly ten years to get that problem corrected, because that was before identity theft was widely identified and aggressively pursued.

It's amazing how much easier it was to steal an identity back in the late 80s, early 90s, when many of us had our social security numbers printed on our checks so we didn't have to show ID every time we cashed a check. And that is what the clerks used to verify our IDs, too, because in the state I lived in, my SS# was on my driver's license.

Gayle Price said...

Oh having my credit card tampered with in any way would freak me sound so that they had you working at WalMart lol. I adore this wind whimsical and cute. Love how you have used cookie cutters and tart tins and that glam touch with the pearls, just perfect. xx

~*~Patty S said...

What a rotten thing to have happen to you Kimmie...
I can only imagine the pain of paperwork and red tape getting things straightened out!
a worst nightmare...

That wind chime is marvelous ...
what a thing of beauty best enjoyed in person with a gentle breeze blowing by I'm sure :)

barbara said...

kimmie, that happened to me, and actually had a warrant out for me for check fraud!! it took a long time to straighten out. now i am VERY careful about what i carry with me.
who knows what they can get off the internet now???
good luck with that. you have a great attitude, and that's most important.

Kim Mailhot said...

So sorry for those awful troubles ! So aggravating ! Glad you got some good help from a stranger.Does give hope, doesnt it ?

Halle said...

Super cool windchime! A good friend of mine also just discovered that she's a victim of fraud as well. Someone took a payday loan in her name and that's just the start. So sad that the world has come to this.