Tuesday, October 9, 2012

wax on

it's another dried hydrangea inspiration

you may have already read about dipping the dried blossom in beeswax for the do you like my hat collage

and this is how I did it - it's just a pie pan of beeswax melted in a 200 degree oven - pick up the blossom with tweezers - and dip it in the melted wax

set the blossoms on wax paper 
and you're good to go

they're still fragile, but have some sturdiness and body so they can be incorporated into other things
* * *

projects like this strand of hanging blossoms
a garland? 
a mobile?
pure joy is what it is

and today I was pirating some beautiful green hydrangeas in the local Kohl's parking lot
cars were driving past and I just kept my head down
I was thinking
"you don't know me"


Linda Vincent said...

Ahhh...so thats how you do it! I adore hydrangeas and have loads in my garden, so guess what I'll be doing this afternoon!
Thank you Kimmie.

froebelsternchen said...


Dianne said...

How lovely! I've done that... pirated cuttings, hawthorne berries and flowers from parking lots!

DAWN said...

I can see you sneaking these blooms from the parking lot and it gives me a chuckle, for I too have pilfered from public grounds. I dead headed a white echinachia from the parking lot of a Barnes and Nobles. Ahhh, I feel better getting that out, lol.
Glorious strands of blooms!!

Rita said...

Love hydrangeas!! My BFF lives in wisconsin and when I used to visit her in the fall we'd go pirate hydrangeas from this old country cemetery and hang them upside-down in the rafters of her garage attic. Ahhh! I can almost smell them.

This is a fantastic idea to wax them! Love the stringer of blossoms! :)

Lorraine said...

thank you for this post..I have some hydrangea petals outside and was wondering how I could incorporate them into art

sukipoet said...


barbara said...

kimmie, i LOVE the mobile idea! hydrangeas are so wonderful...all the colors, the ease of drying. one of the most versatile of all flowers. thanks for the inspiration.

Annie Cholewa said...

Now this is an idea I have to copy. I must see what hydrangea flowers can be found when the darn rain stops, if it ever does! I do have a few dried ones, but they have no colour left at all now.

~*~Patty S said...

what a great rescue mission you were on in the Kohl's parking lot LOL

you have transported a perfectly lovely blossom into something to be enjoyed and savored all year round = beautiful Kimmie!

Jill said...

Oh yes, I would call it pure joy too. :)

*jean* said...

oh you make me giggle...you don't know me...keep on driving! i can hardly wait until next summer and my hydrangea harvest!!! what a lovely idea...xo

Anonymous said...

LOL!. So funny. I know how you feel. My family pretends not to know me when I pirate.

I've made paper boxes before but never kept them. The wax keeper is a great idea. I love the mobile. Hope my hydrangea blooms next year. Thanks.