Thursday, October 11, 2012

afternoon cuppa

this mug is my birthday present to myself
I'm not too sure what this creature is
a chipmunk?


but no mistaking that the tea is Constant Comment
... and I just want to say ...
Thank You
for all the sweet comments and kind words over the last several posts
I haven't yet gotten back to everyone
all the same
your constant comments are a constant encouragement to me!


and it's tomorrow
I'll be 


Dianne said...

Happy Birthday! You caught up with me!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow:)

And I think it might be a squirrel!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - you are a mere child at 52! xox

DAWN said...

Happy Birthday and what a great gift to yourself!

sukipoet said...

Happy Birthday. Mine was the 8th. it doesnt surprise me you are a libra. hope you have a wonderful day. i tend to celebrate all month so today i took myself out to lunch.

Ms. said...

A little poem for your birthday--

“Oh Karma, Dharma, pudding and pie”
by Philip Appleman

O Karma, Dharma, pudding and pie,
gimme a break before I die:
grant me wisdom, will, & wit,
purity, probity, pluck, & grit.
Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind,
gimme great abs & a steel-trap mind,
and forgive, Ye Gods, some humble advice—
these little blessings would suffice
to beget an earthly paradise:
make the bad people good—
and the good people nice;
and before our world goes over the brink,
teach the believers how to think.

: ) Michelle

amy of studio four corners said...

congrats! another birthday! have a wonderful day! I have mine next week...turning 56! and I already bought myself a present - a new pair of boots that I'm wearing to a special event tomorrow nite - so lets hear it for being good to ourselves!

Elizabeth said...

Good night, Irene! I can't believe sweet you is 52!

Happy Birthday, dear, dear Kim. My life has been literally enriched by getting to know you -- your art, your sensibility, your kindness and sense of humor. Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Kim Mailhot said...

Happy Birthday, Fellow Libra !
May the celebration be a grand one !

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy birthday, Kimmie! I would never guess you to be 52. Definitely, at least, 10 years younger. The handmade soap in one of your earlier posts looks absolutely absolutely. Bet it smells divine. Have a lovely weekend. Tammy

Caterina Giglio said...

happy birthday... hope it's a good one... x

Rita said...

Happy birthday!
Not sure what kind of critter that cup is supposed to be, but it's cute. :)

barbara said...

happy birthday kimmie!
i so enjoy your blog!
have a wonderful day, and celebrate all year!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to you Kimmie!! At first I thought you shared a birthday with my husband and daughter but then checked the date of your post. Their birthdays are tomorrow on the 13th. I hope you had a special day today. I am so happy and blessed to have you as a blogging friend.

Halle said...

Happy Birthday Kimmie! Cute mug...whatever critter it happens to be.

Gayle Price said...

Very cute mug...and happy ( belated now ) birthday !!! I hope you enjoyed your day, had fun, and know that the best years are ahead of you, truly . xx

Miek said...

Happy Birthday to you!I became 54 on october 13! Its a good month:))

Tracey FK said...

Kimmie... we share a birthday I think... I am on the 12th... and I bought a mug as a present to me as well... great minds and all that... hope you had the happiest birthday!!!!