Tuesday, February 28, 2012

morning light

the sky is definitely getting lighter earlier and earlier
I took these at about 6:40 this morning

it's turning out to be a very busy week
so I didn't get to my tea post until this morning
... but hey, it is tuesday after all ...

I feel like a bit of a faker when I'm writing my tea posts on monday
... but I do that for all of you who are east of me ...
that's just about everyone!

Paul Gauguin at the Seattle Art Museum (o!m!g!)

child's field trip

science fair



how is your week shaping up?
take time to breathe ... and a nice hot cuppa


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What fun it would be to see a display of Gauguin's work. I would love to see that exhibit.

Here's my tea post this rather bleak mid-west morning.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Good grief. I've been up for HOURS. No excuse for me. Guess I got so excited I didn't have the word verification, I forgot to add my link.


Hopefully, second time is a charm.

Gwen said...

You have got a busy week. I hope you enjoy Friday when you can breathe!
I have done a little post on tea...my tea of choice is Earl Grey.
Have a good day, Kimmie!

~*~Patty S said...

lovely blue cast on your morning tea pix Kimmie!

AND your week sounds splendid and exciting and more!

I seem to be struggling with getting my groove back continually getting lost in vacation photos with some remodeling upheaval going on here too...that is probably the biggest thing keeping me from creating

that said here is my
treasure tea


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I know in my heart..."there are no empty skies...even gray skies are just meditating!" Happy Tea Day! Love, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Kimmie, sounds like you have a full week. I'm glad that it isn't pitch black when we get up in the morning here and that the days are getting a bit longer. I'm a sunshine gal so I do prefer more daylight hours. Except it is really weird when we are in Michigan during the summer and it is still daylight at 10 pm. That's a bit strange as here time never changes and the latest it gets dark is by 7 pm. We were back to school today after our long weekend, but the day went fast, and now only 2 more days of school before another weekend. This is a happy week for sure. Best wishes to you, Tammy

Yvonne said...

Oh I would love to see his art in person. My favorite is Tahitian Woman, full of color and lovely in it's simplicity.
My week is busy too... hanging art in one place, taking art down in another, watercolor class, stitching group, and more. Happy tea day.

Tracey FK said...

so jealous about seeing the Gauguin exhibition and while your mornings are getting lighter ours are finally getting a bit darker. 5.30 am and the sun is just peaking over the trees now... my tea post is here and hope you find a little time before Friday to breathe...xx

*jean* said...

i try to glance outside every day when i get up...just to see the winter sunrise colors...your week sounds super fun even if busy...i miss field trips with my son...we used to go to all the museums...happy t day, dear

kat said...

Hello Kimmie this is a first visit for me at your lovely blog. Very homey feel, just what I like. Ahh those moments when we just breathe and enjoy, a nice comfort drink in our hands, lovely! Take care and have a good week. xx

Gayle Price said...

It's good to be busy !! I am jealous........Paul Gauguin, amazing to see in real life. Love your photos of the morning sky . We have Autumn on the way, my most favourite season, can't wait. xx

Halle said...

Ah yes! We seem to be in the same place with our lives...but if I recall. You have 3 kiddos instead or 2, like me. Makes you 33% busier. ;)
Snow day today...the kids will be thrilled.

Caterina Giglio said...

hope the flooding is over and that you stayed safe and dry, forgot what it was like to have littlea around... busy you...