Tuesday, March 15, 2011

happiness? (t on 2sday)

I found this tea tag really irritating

the idea of being happy as much as I breathe seems so ludicrous to me

who can do that?

any thoughts?

if I made a tea tag about happiness and breath it would say something like:

"happiness is over rated ...
... breathing is not"

and now, let me take you on a garden tour



korean lilac "miss kim"


mock plum


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and don't forget to breathe (all the time)
and smile (when you feel like it)


Gayle Price said...

Not sure about the tea tag message, but sure was happy touring your garden. It all looks so new and fresh and somehow comforting. With Nature being so cruel and unpredictable in our world at the moment, I am happy to appreciate growth, re-newal and beauty. Enjoy your tea and the simple things. xx

ELK said...

i relish a garden tour when all is seen through your lens..the tea tags usually just make me smile...some are more relevant than others for sure

sukipoet said...

i would substitute peace or being present for happiness perhaps.

ah, such beauty in your garden. refreshing to these snowbound eyes.

Anonymous said...

Your tea tag would make me laugh and that is happiness ;-)
Wow, your garden is certainly showing off!! looks fantastic and I must say that the color of that hellebore, ahhhhh is breath taking (which is not overrated, either).
Happy T on T !!!!!

~*~Patty S said...

Your garden is WOW Kimmie...those plum blossoms are so delicate...wonderful pictures on this chilly morning in VA...we only have crocus and daffs blooming so far

Just breathing here at the moment :)
p.s. on the side of happiness...I know that the Yogi philosophy is that being happy is everyone's birthright

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Right now I'm super happy any time I manage to get a deep breath of air that doesn't include a sneeze or a cough. Further, it's taken three weeks, but I finally have the linky under some control.

As for your garden, it truly blossoms under your camera's eye. My favorite this week is the primrose, because if I had them, I would dry some for bookmarks and such. For sheer beauty, I would have to go with the muscari, especially since I've never heard of it before.

Happy Tea today, dear.

Caterina Giglio said...

stopped trying to get the linky under control, who cares, I would rather be happy!!! your garden photos are just MAGNIFICENT!!!! always nice to have tea with you Kim!! xox

Halle said...

I am so jealous of your garden!! Our snow is melting though... I actually need to start my seeds this week. Had to imagine with snow still on the ground.

*jean* said...

perhaps happiness is the wrong word...unfluttered...content...at peace...

maybe those are better choices...i agree, only happiness is a rather dull choice of emotions...and can you appreciate any happiness without the sorrows? and angers? and desperations?

i think not...i posted some drivel about happiness on my FB page recently, it was for someone in particular...i think an email would be better next time...i, too, have made the dreaded social media error...ggg

LOVE your pics...love the dirt...can smell the fresh...can't wait till it arrives here...you photos take my breath away, dear kimme.

Yvonne said...

I try to concentrate more on having joy more than happiness all the time, those being two totally different things.
Your garden photos are wonderful and looks like spring has arrived at your house. When our mesquite trees leaf out, that is a sure sign of no more cold weather.
Happy tea day Kimmie!

rebecca said...

heather will forever remind me
of your perfect tiny stitches on
loves quilts.

voodoo vixen said...

Lovely photo of your garden Kimmie, the favourite for me must be the white heather... it reminds me of home in Scotland, though I would not say no to any of the things you have growing so nicely as I still have snow all my grass... not a plant in the entire garden which will have to be rectified this spring... whenever that is!!
Agree on the tag... why would you go about smiling if you were no longer breathing? Eh? Maybe it was translated from Chinese and something go lost in translation...

Unknown said...

I don't depend on teabag tags for deep wisdom. ;) Maybe that's why you are irritated by it-- you were expecting "more"? :)

Your garden photos are gorgeous. You have a great eye, Kimmie. The muscari-- isn't that grape hyacinth? Or is it something different? The hellbore is stunning. ALL of your photos are just beautiful!

We still have snow on the ground, but it promises to melt today. I saw two robins playing in the snow yesterday (they did't seem to mind).

Robin said...

Your photos are absolutely stunning Kimmie! You are truly capturing the essence of Spring with your camera....thanks for sharing!


Wendy said...

Oh, I don't like that whole "happiness" saying either, booooo ;) But I do love looking at your gorgeous photos of lovely spring flowers. Not THAT makes me happy, Kimmie, thanks for the tea.

The Year of the Cats

Anonymous said...

The older I get, just breathing is enough to make me happy.....Your garden photos are spectacular and I wish my rhubarb was coming up. Only thing growing here are my nettles. Makes a wonderful tonic soup and tea. xox Corrine

ooglebloops said...

Some say being happy is a choice - breathing a necessity!!! Being happy with every breath is sometimes harder than you would think!!!LOL

Your garden is doing that ALREADY??? I am jealous- gorgeous photos!!!

Elizabeth said...

Your garden tour was outstanding -- I felt as if I could touch those flowers and really feel them!

As for the happiness tea bag -- well, I'm in complete agreement with you!

Anonymous said...

Kimmie, I totally seriously admire your photography.
I do Not feel happy all of the time. If I did I wouldn't really feel happiness because I wouldn't have anything to contrast the emotion with. I'd just be existing.

Terri Kahrs said...

Be still my dancing heart!!! When I saw your macros, my jaw dropped! OMG! The rhubarb shot . . . so unreal . . . if I stare at it long enough I swear I saw that stalk move and grow!!! The only thing we have blooming now is crocus. But I did notice that the tree buds are happily swelling!!!! Thanks for the tour. I'm as happy as Paul Deen with a whole pound of butter!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Judy said...

On the tea tag...that has to be Yogi. Some of their thoughts are pretty far out in la la land. In a perfect world "happy" may be an always thing...but then...would it still be "happy"?

I loved your garden tour. It was exotic and to be envied!

Happy T Tuesday.


Nancy said...

Oh my, it is so nice to see signs of life in the garden :) gorgeous photos--did you get down on your belly to take these, lol

Lynn Cohen said...

That hellebore is extrodinaire. Never seen before my me!
The primrose is beautifully perfect too.

Re Happiness and Breathing.
I do wake happy that I am still breathing each and every day!
Life cannot be overrated in my book! ;-))♥♥

Jill said...

No green and no blooms here yet...so thanks for sharing! I know it will come.. Happy tea day! I hope to join you again sometime.

Deb Harvey said...

Beautiful garden shots! Spring definitely makes me happy!

lynne said...

Hi! Just found you! So, I think happiness is contentment right? and being content is hard to do. but being happy is a choice i think but hard to follow through in the moment of utter chaos. i'm learning.

Unknown said...

oh... the garden ...the garden
thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Kimmer, you crack me up on some of the things that annoy you! I love that about you! The garden is a little patch of paradise! XO, Sis

Teri said...

Kimmie--I don't think it means what you say it does (at least from my perspective). I think it means that as long as you are alive (so long as breath is within you) BE HAPPY. I know that it is not a reality that we can be happy every moment of every day of our life but it is something to strive for, don't you think? They say that if you think about negativity, you attract negativity. If you think happiness, you attract happiness. And so on and so forth. Just a thought.