Tuesday, March 22, 2011

groovy tea tuesday

I received this serendipitous gift of a fun "tea towel"
and a beautiful tea mug
from a far away (in distance only) friend

it actually came in the mail last tuesday
but I had already posted my gig
so I can vouch for the absolute fun of this mug
I've been using it all week!

I wonder if I've been developing scurvy 
what with all my cravings for oranges and citrus
peeling an orange
drinking the tea
and look who just flew in

The Middle Child has been home today
she saw me folding cranes
folded me this orange one

she is reading
in class

there are no coincidences in life


welcome to Tea on Tuesday!
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He's our butler today for tea ;)


Gayle Price said...

Your tea-towel and cup are just beautiful, the cup is so pretty. Maybe the long winter has left you deficient in vitamin C, hence the craving. Love the little crane....still sad.

~*~Patty S said...

I am up at o'dark this morning...Love your up close and personal tea today...and as Gayle said...still sad
Happy T Dear One

Anonymous said...

Well all that orange is just sunshine in your hands! great images that leave one craving oranges. I had one of the most delicious ones over the weekend (I will be posting a photo of it on Wednesday if you want to see it). Must be something in the air ;-)
What a darling cup. Reminds me of something Scandinavian.
Happy T on T!! ~Dawn

~*~Patty S said...

I also wanted to say how bright and shiny this post is Kimmie
I never knew I liked orange so much and oranges too ;)

sukipoet said...

wonderful photos. just love that hand sewn tea towel and your cheerful cup. Orange, a lower chakra color. grounding yet exciting. beautiful origami. oops, my WV word is "foods."

Steph said...

Love this beautiful post especially the bright orange and the colors....they're soo yummy....Happy T to you dear Kimmie....

Japan is very much in my heart and thoughts....

Caterina Giglio said...

darling tea towel and cup, and thanks so much for hosting this Kim, I think it is so fun to post and read on tuesdays! hugs dear one!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

The sun is shining and the lovely color orange is glowing from my computer screen as I type this. The tea towel and bowl are the perfect entries for this really bright orange Tuesday.

You are right, dear Kimmie. There are no coincidences in life. Thank you for "Japan Relief."

PAK ART said...

I received your gift to me yesterday - it was a bright spot in an otherwise dull and sickly day. Thank you!!!!! I love my fridge jewelry! I put up a pic and linked to you in my post today.

ooglebloops said...

Orange, rust, all the earth colors!!Love them!! That cup is so cute - and a very nice crane your daughter created. Drop by for tea, if you get a chance!!

Halle said...

What a sweet towel... Love your scurvy comment!! Gave me a giggle.

Unknown said...

First I giggled, then I went awwwwww. Your top photo is so darned sweet! The appliqued teapot, the orange slices and the bright orange crane. I peel ornages for the kids this morning before I took them to school. Such a SUNNY fruit! Maybe it's SUNlight your body is craving! The days are getting longer, slowly but surely.

Anonymous said...

Charming tea towel and cup too. Photo of the orange segments is so special with all the texture of the skin. Your middle one is pretty darn good at origami too. Spring and the freshness of citrus perhaps? xox Corrine

*jean* said...

darling shots! and such a sweet, orange crane...i love your blog...happy t tuesday, dear

Wendy said...

I love all the bright colors for your tea today. Oranges and cranes go together perfectly. Feels like I've just drank a cup of sunshine, Kimmie :)

voodoo vixen said...

Oh my, I love that tea towel, it is adorable!! very pretty tea cup too and your oranges and orange crane all make me think of sunshine until I look out the window and see snow... and more snow!

Yvonne said...

Love all the orange colors in your post today. The tea towel is lovely. Happy tea day.

Terri Kahrs said...

What a luscious post today, Kimmie! Orange - in any form - makes my heart sing! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie,
I like the crane.
I like the towel.

I agree there are no coincidences. I'd altered a book and shown my son the open page that was up next and he gasped and told me he was reading the same book at school.

Nuts, huh?

Caryl said...

It is always such a treat to pop by and see what is new. I love your blog.

Nancy said...

Very nice tea towel Kim :) and an equally lovely cup.
Your cranes are wonderful and for such a great cause...my heart goes out to the families who have suffered so much.

my cup of tea said...

I love your cranes! The cup is fabulous! I always enjoy your posts!

Judy said...

Your tea towel gift and cup are perfect.

I planned on joining you for tea Tuesday, but bright and early my true love starting tilling an area I staked out for an herb bed. One pass through and he sliced our satellite cable...Hughes went dead that quick. Go figure. Just as quickly my plans changed. This week I will just be satisfied to drop in on all those who made it...late. Hopefully there will be a spot of tea remaining.


Lynn Cohen said...

delightful tea towel...oranges are always good for you! C!!!