Tuesday, December 21, 2010

shortest day

happy shortest day
a good day for a hot cuppa joe
a neighbor's sweet son was door to door with coffee
(school fundraising)
who could resist his dimples and towhead?
I'm not really a coffee drinker any more
but it sure is good today!

* * *

here's my joe on a table with a few of my favorite things:

my girls many years ago playing "beach" in the winter
and the Sweet Husband on Santa's lap as a kid

 a Christmas angel with my great grandad's lamp in the background
he was a newspaper man and I love to imagine his inkstained fingers under this lamp

my grandmother's candy dish

a plant I found by the side of the road on a summer walk

* * *
and outdoors under the sheltering maple tree in the weathering chair
is the quilt


Merry Christmas!
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Halle said...

My goodness...no snow...I forgot what green grass looked like!
Happy Tea Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I love all of your favorite things Kimmie, how lucky you are to have those memories. Thank you for sharing them with us! Happy JO! hugs, Christen

Elizabeth said...

I do love these Tea on Tuesday posts, whether or not I drink tea! This one is particularly beautiful.

sukipoet said...

so many beautiful things with so much history and memories wrapped in them. Love the beach in the winter photo and idea.thought of you as i made a pot of tea today. blessings, suki

ELK said...

what a lovely tour on a tuesday..merry christmas abounds in your home!!

~*~Patty S said...

Love your T post dear Kimmie!
Precious sharing ... hope these last days before Christmas are merry and bright...sounds like you've had enough rain!
ho ho ho
fa la la
to your and yours!

ooglebloops said...

Love the little peek into your life- enjoy your coffee and thanks for dropping by!!!

Gayle Price said...

Merry Christmas Kimmie. I love your little collage of assorted Christmas treasures and loved possessions on the table, sort of comforting and reassuring. I did'nt get around to doing a Tea post, am busy baking Christmas cakes as I type this and have a million other things I should be doing. Have a safe and contented Christmas. XX

ale said...

dear kimmie!!!!! the most lovely christmas for you and your family!!!!l love all your remembers so present in your heart!!! lots of kisses and all my heart!!!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a lovely tablescape. I enjoyed reading all the memories that are attached to it, too.

And I'm impressed that you actually had COFFEE today. What can I say? I can't live without the stuff, except on Tea Tuesday morning.

I hope your day was sunny and bright. And if I don't make it back before Friday, have a lovely, family oriented, safe, and joyous Christmas.

margie said...

have a wonderful holiday!!

Steph said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely post Kimmie and have a happy happy holiday!!! ho ho ho...;)

rebecca said...

memories fill the smallest treasures with enormous joy.
love your sharing...

PAK ART said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I cannot wait until your quilt is freed from the weathering chair - I'm so excited to see what artistic touches Mother Nature adds.

Unknown said...

love this,
the lamp got me.
Merry Christmas... and merry every day.