Tuesday, December 7, 2010

bloggie tea

I've had an iPad for a little over a month now.
I love using it to visiting my favorite blogs,
but I'm waiting for an app from Google Blogger to make posting a lot easier.
(I've done it, but you have to use the "edit html" tab instead of "compose")
There's an app for Wordpress Blogs ... so it's just a matter of time I'm sure.

There are apps for everything.

Even for tea.

Tea Remedy for iPad ($0.99)
 "select your mood on the teapot, and look to the cup to find your perfect cup of tea"


The Little Tea Book HD ($1.99)
"A fascinating little book about the drink of drinks, tea."


The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakur ($1.99)
"a guide to the history of tea .... and more"

But I see no free tea apps.
I'm all about what's free right now.


like the weathering quilt:

 and a weathering recipe box:

How are things weathering where you are?

* * *

for more tea and wintry weather,
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Halle said...

Oh cool...I'd love to have something like an iPad. DH is anti-Apple so I don't think we'll be getting on too soon...or ever.
Happy Tea Tuesday!

~*~Patty S said...

Love your weathering bits Kimmie...cute snail too!

I've heard of ipads and apps but in truth they just don't seem to apply to me at present...I am techie slow...a techie snail if you will ;)

sounds like you are already having fun with your new toy(s)

Happy T to you and yours!
Enjoy * Enjoy!

Poetic Artist said...

The tea looks good.I am sitting here having a cup of fresh ginger tea and honey..
I love to see how your wonderful quilt is weathering.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie- Love the images, glad to see my snow mug there, very funny! I can't wait to see the quilt, I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it! Hugs, Christen

Lynn Cohen said...

WEll the sun is shining but it's around 48 degrees. I plan to walk to the post office to mail the 37 cards I made this week. That is how it is weathering. How fun to have a little device to hold in your lap to read blogs on. I guess I would enjoy that. But then one has to pay more for another on line service right? I would not like that. Guess I will stick to my computers.

Gayle Price said...

Oh you lucky girl, I would love an iPad, still I have just got my iPhone G4 and am finding my way around that; it is such a fun phone and I am sounding very shallow saying that, phones should only be used for serious stuff, they are not for fun,any way thats what I tell my kids, lol. have a great Tuesday.

Steph said...

These are looking good Kimmie... I love them. I've got an IPad for over a month too and loving it..I could watch videos and read documents and do almost everything my laptop could do...It's my fave toy...check out this app call Creative Whack Pack...I love the art apps as well..

happy week to you!!

Laura Haviland said...

Kimmie I am brand new to visiting your blog and I had to start following you. I love your blog, lovely.
What a great posting, I love tea..
I really enjoyed the images,sorry to say no ipad here. LOL
Have a great day and thank you for sharing.Warm Hugs Laura. xoxx

Terri Kahrs said...

Love that you're having fun using your new Ipad to discover new things about tea. Tons and tons of great photo apps too!!! Stay warm! Hugs, Terri xoxo

ooglebloops said...

OOO - an iPad, maybe Santa will bring me one.......!!! Love your journal, and your s.i.l's ornaments!!!
Thanks for dropping by - I am wearing that coat tonite!!!LOL

sharon said...

Your tea and toys look great from here! I am computer challenged too at times, so I don't see the Ipad in my future!
Love your weathered bits!

Caterina Giglio said...

I have heard that those ipads are not blogger friendly yet, but you are right, just a matter of time! it will be great for traveling! happy tea day!

She Who Doodles said...

love the new addition to your weathering recipe box. is that a snail? cold, windy and rainy here. time for another cup of tea.

Dianne said...

Things are weathering fine here... a bit chilly, but good. I, on the other hand, am not weathering my allergies well. Love the snail!

Halle said...

Just had to stop back and share...DH bought a Nook (Barnes&Noble brand of E-reader) today and it can browse the Internet! Merry Christmas to us!

Elizabeth said...

I'm just plain jealous of that iPad, missy.

And the weathering quilt is looking very interesting.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Just a quick note to say thanks for the altered matchbox that arrived at my place via bad penny! I love the bird tag:)
Merry Christmas!