Tuesday, April 27, 2010

literary tea

I love this shot of my tea today - the steam was rising up to fog the lens of my camera.
Today's tea is Red Clover tea - beneficial for symptoms of menopause - or so they say.

I went to the library yesterday and found what I hope will be good books.
The one I started last night is Night Navigation, by Ginnah Howard.
It's about a woman and her adult son who is bi-polar and a drug addict.
It's a novel about their relationship.
I stayed up longer than I intended to. I guess I got sucked in.
The next book The Hidden, by Tobias Hill, is an archeological mystery/thriller.
I loved the cover of both of these books.
I say you CAN tell a book by it's cover - often :)

And this is Lawn Boy, by Gary Paulsen:
I read with kids at school and have discovered that if they read aloud with a Jolly Rancher in their mouth they do an amazingly excellent job with their reading fluency. I think reading out loud and sucking on a hard candy at the same time helps their brain not try so hard with each word. It all just flows better. Plus - there's the enjoyment factor of a good book and a yummy candy at the same time. Not quite so dry an experience.

I have more books from my library at the bottom of my sidebar. I recently updated it to include only the books I really really enjoyed. My favorite of all time being The Housekeeper and the Professor, by Yoko Ogawa.

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BadPenny said...

well I bet those kids love it when you are in Kimmie - giving them sweets ! It's hard to read out loud - I know my two would have liked a sweet !
I often go by a book cover rather than the spheel on the back.
Been looking at your lovely inchies over at Pat's - they're like little mosaic tiles - lovely. I like how they look deep - mine are always flat - but I haven't kept up making them recently.

Anonymous said...

kimmie this really is funny! there must have been something in the air last night that made us want to go to the library and pick up some books!

there's nothing better than sippin' and flippin'....right!!!!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Red clover tea! I have red clover in my yard. I'll have to try it.

What an enjoyable read, having a second cup of tea after mowing the yard. Loved the comment about sucking Jolly Rancher. What a great idea for those who work with children. Must have something to do with the reading center of the brain. And, since smell and taste are tied with memories, every time those little tykes suck a Jolly Rancher, it will trigger fond reading memories. You are the miracle worker, who also makes great tea.

Have a wonderful Tea Tuesday and enjoy those books (or get a bit of rest, whichever comes first).

ooglebloops said...

Great tea!!!
When I worked at the elem. school - having Jolly Ranchers was a MUST - the kids love them!! I don't see the fascination - not a big candy fan myself- but JR works with kids!!!

Terri Kahrs said...

Great "shot" of your tea today, Kimmie! The steam produced an amazing "special effect"! LOL! Hmmm . . . Jolly Ranchers . . . who knew? You always host an interesting and intriguing Tuesday tea! Hugs, Terri xoxo

*jean* said...

i love your tea shot! and thanks, those all look like books i would like...i love tea on tuesday, thank you for doing this...

what could be better than a jolly rancher and a book? i have friends that will want to try this...


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your literary tea is wonderful Kimmie! Fun post as always!
Thanks for our T Tuesdays!!!
btw I am impressed that you can get that much reading in with all the creating you do and more!

I miss reading more!

*jean* said...
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*jean* said...

i just saw the twinchie you sent pat for miss lilly...you are so sweet.

Dianne said...

Almost forgot... wait til you see my ugly buttons! You have inspired me with yours and I had to do some...

Odd Chick said...

Thanks for the book recommendations. My son is bi-polar and I'm going to check out Night Navigation.
Also, red clover is excellent for the skin. I make a strong tea of it and use it as a base for my red clover tea lotion. It's good internally and externally!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the tip on Jolly Ranchers and reading. I'm going to try it with my soon to be nine year old who has great difficulties reading!

Caterina Giglio said...

oh reading and eating (or sucking) LOL!! is the way to go!

Meadowlark Days said...

I hope to read Lawn Boy sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, will look into the books... I love JR candies, in fact doing the dishes with one in your mouth really makes the chore go faster! hugs, Christen