Monday, February 1, 2010

lighthouse staircase

I took Terri Kahrs' suggestion and sewed this piece 
(one of the photographs from my previous post on beeswax)

I attached the words I wrote with a straight pin ....

Not just any straight pin though - this one has a paper bead that I made (and dipped in beeswax).
I made the bead from newsprint - do you see the word "free?" that was purely accidental, but meaningful don't you think?

More on the how to for paper beads (in beeswax) later this week :)

If you are interested in owning this piece, it is listed in my etsy shop.


Poetic Artist said...

This is wonderful..The pin wow. No accident in this world..Smile.
Thanks for sharing.

Terri Kahrs said...

Might I just say . . . "Wow!" This piece is stunning in it's simplicity, Kimmie. And that pin . . . AWEsome! Hugs, TErri xoxo

heather noye said...

what a happy accident!!! how cool!

ELK said...

you took this to the next level ~ fabulous!

nancy neva gagliano said...

things are always interesting here.
i'm so liking this combo special of photo/wax/fabric/words...hanging like a prayer flay.

*jean* said...

o this is beautiful!