Tuesday, February 23, 2010

70's "T"

This week's T on Tuesday theme is "The 70's"
When I think of the seventies one of the things I think of is health food.
In the picture above, is some homemade granola that I've made for years.
The recipe is from the original Laurel's Kitchen Cookbook - which I don't have anymore - so I looked it up online (something unthinkable in the 70's!)
The tea is Good Earth Tea - which originally you could only get in Good Earth Restaurants in So. Calif.
Another fabulous healthfood restaurant down there (I'm not sure if it's still around) is Mother's Kitchen in Costa Mesa. And then there's The Stand in Laguna Beach. Or the Orange Inn in Corona del Mar.
All wonderful places for whole grains, fresh juices, date shakes, hummus, sprouts ... and granola :)

This is probably a good quote for the health food revolution ...
it all sounds good until a yummy maple bar donut comes along :)


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julie king said...

this is my all-time fave tea. the scent alone is warming and mesmerizing!

BadPenny said...

Hi Kimmie thanks for tea ! The Sweet were part of the UK Glam Rock scene of the 70's ! I loved being a kid in the 70's BUT .....I would have loved to be dancing in the 60's !!!

Anonymous said...

I totally love granola, cool that you make your own! It's been real, catch you later! C

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

You tapped into the 70's beautifully, Earth and Health Food, I still have Laurel's Kitchen, I also enjoyed Vegetarian Epicure very much too!
Your granola looks delicious!
Far out :)
Happy T Tuesday to you!

ELK said...

hello happy tea...have some great shots there kimmie!

Elizabeth said...

I love Good Earth tea -- the smell makes me think of the first mindfulness meditation class I took out here in LA -- how's that for being a dippy southern Californian?

Judy said...

The granola recipe is doable. It sounds delicious...and maybe a little dangerous. I'm pretty sure in volume it could do as much damage as any donut.

I've got Good Earth Vanilla Chai but have never run across the original.

Happy Tea Day...and your past geranium post is beautiful!

What's the theme next week?

oxo Judy

Chriss Rollins said...

happy tea kimmie, as i am from the uk i dont know goog earth tea but will take everyones word for it.
i know what granola is as i checked that out with you a few posts back.

Mothers Kitchen is still there as I googled it...lol.

your saying reminds me of one of my faves...
Its easier to live it up
than it is to live it down.

thanks for tea.
It's great to see all the different areas we have picked out from the 70's.

chriss x

Teri said...

I still drink Good Earth tea myself and have White and Good Sleep in my pantry. I just got up and heated up some water to have a cup as a matter-of-fact! Thanks for the reminder.

S. Etole said...

like that quote on the tea bag ... how true