Wednesday, September 9, 2009

yet another stash

This may not look like much,
but it's treasure to me.
It's the remaining elements of my Disintegration Project from last winter.

I try to do my morning pages faithfully
- but have somehow let them slide All Summer Long!
I've turned over a new leaf
- and made myself a new notebook.
It's actually a mini-notebook.
Filling 3 pages a day is not quite as daunting (or visually ugly) as a yellow legal pad.
(click here for my part in the collaboration)
What are Morning Pages?


Nettie Edwards said...

Kimmie, some of us over at Digital Art Quirks are going to do The Artist's Way, starting in October. I'm a little worried about the amount of writing required. This has given me an idea! Thanks x

Elizabeth said...

I did morning pages many years ago, when I lived outside of New York City. I still have those notebooks full of morning meanderings. It's a wonderful practice.

And I love that notebook! It's beautiful.

nancy neva gagliano said...

DISCO 4ever.....!!! i need to put out a new "crop" this winter to harvest in spring...little squirrels, stashing future treasures in corners of our yards!!

Terri Kahrs said...

The idea of morning pages is intriguing, and your new notebook is gorgeous! You're right . . . much prettier than a yellow pad! Hugs, Terri

nancy neva gagliano said...

k....we share the crush on encaustics....i'm very very close to trying, it's just so enticing, and mysterious, and aw!! dangerous? !! just's safe.

holly aka golly said...

It sounds like a great way to explore ideas. You have made a lovely journal for your thoughts.

Unknown said...

nancy .... you've given me an idea for this little notebook - a nice coat of beeswax will do it well - but only after I've filled the pages and then set it out all winter to endure the elements .... disco 4evr!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Love the idea of morning pages....if only I were that disciplined ;) I flit from here to there and back again!
Your notebook is lovely and I'm sure it calls to you sweetly to enter and play!

Mollye said...

Oh Kimmie, This is wonderful. What a great job. and Happy BD to your little one. Not so little any more! Hugs, Mollye

Linda Vincent said...

What a beautiful must inspire you!!