Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tea and knitting

Still enjoying iced tea .... it may be September 1st, but summer isn't off the calendar for 3 more weeks .... so let's clink our icy glasses together and toast a lovely sweet summer!

I love the tag on this tea bag (Good Earth: White Tea). It says: "Art is either plagiarism or revolution" - Paul Gauguin. Interesting statement coming from you Paul. I'm sure you were confident you were on the revolution side of things. Not hard to feel revolutionary by living in French Polynesia among the natives and painting whenever and whatever you damn well pleased - with no thought to paying the rent.

Knitting won't pay the rent either - but for just $12 I made this beachy sweater this summer. I brought it to Australia and was glad to have it in the evenings.

... and I had this project in my travel bag ...
The pattern is called "Love Braid." Do you see the braided hearts?
It's about 2" wide and I plan to inset it in pillowcases as a luxurious edging.
Thank you for popping in this Tuesday for tea :)
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~*~Magpie's Nest said...

You look sweet and pretty in that fab sweater you knitted Kimmie! You're good!!!
As soon as I saw the quote on the tea tag I stood up and turned my head upside down...silly me, you posted the quote for our viewing pleasure and ease ;)
*** here's to summer ***

ooglebloops said...

Talent just oozes out of you in all directions- I love your knitted projects!!!Your quote reminded me of one attributed to Picasso - Good artists borrow, Great artisits steal! Both quotes make me want to say hhhmmmmmm.......!!!
Don't worry, Patty - I started to turn my head to read it also!!! LOL

*jean* said...

lovely tea post! sorry i was unable to join you all today but i actually had a cuppa with an in-person friend...we shared a pot of republic of tea blackberry sage (for wisdom) and discussed our summers...it was lovely!! your knitting talents are quite amazing, kimmie, i wish i could drink tea and knit with you...i have never been able to advance beyond basic stitches...i can knit a mean scarf though!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmie, thanks for inviting us over for tea. The sweater is really pretty, you are so talented! Enjoy the rest of summer! Christen

Terri Kahrs said...

Lovely tea as always, Kimmie! I just sat down to enjoy a cup of Earl Grey and couldn't wait to open your post.

Well . . . that makes 3 who tried to read the tab upside down! Silly me! But then again, I am the sort to read the directions after I can't get something to work properly! LOL It IS a great tag!

Love your beach sweater. Can't believe you made it for only $12 'cuz it looks like a million. And your braided hearts trim is soooo exquisite! Beautiful work!

I'm lifting my mug to toast the summer while wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend too. Hugs, Terri xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a talented girl you are, Kimmie! Love your sweater-just perfect. Just having English Breakfast today-it's a bit chilly in NY, and I need a boost. Thank you for sharing! Susie-who will remain anonymous until she can remember her sign in-sigh

ELK said...

hello pretty knitter!

Mollye said...

You're just cute as a bug in your sweater and what a great job you did!


It's funny how everyone is bemoaning the arrival of Fall, when I think September is the best month of the year.
Hey, great sweater! $12?? You Rock! The small project is gorgeous. Just the right size for travel.

Diane aka cameldiva said...

I never thought to knit lace but I guess you can. Lovely sweater! Nice quote. I feel less guilty for lifting ideas I get from artists like yourself.

Odd Chick said...

i haven't had a chance to come by in a while and you provided me lots of interesting reading and photographs and artwork as usual. This photograph of the tea is exquisite!AND I LOVE your sweater -i would buy that sweater- that sweater is me, but it looks so beautiful on you as you are pretty as a picture!