Tuesday, September 22, 2009

cuppa joe on a tuesday

It's coffee for me today :)
- well it is every day -
that is, when it's 6 am

I've recently cut back to one cup of coffee.
I use this cool french press to brew it - delicioso!

I use locally roasted beans - tons of choices here in Seattle.
This is "Millstone" which is roasted in Everett WA.
I ALWAYS buy organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee.

This is my front porch view today at 6:30 am ..... they say it's gonna be about 86 today .... I hope they're right !
And as I was uploading photos from my camera,
I came across these from the weekend.
It was my mom's birthday.
Here she is showing the girls how to make their own pizza.

And I just had to take a picture of this lovely lovely dish of clams in a tomato and herb broth that she made. I would show you a picture of the clam shells too - but the picture just looks like a slimy pile of mollusks .... too early in the day for that :)
Happy Tuesday!
Happy Tea (or joe)!
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Elizabeth said...

What kind of French press is that? And despite the early hour, I have to say that the clam broth/soup looks divine. I bet the clams you get up there are fantastic.

Happy Day!

*jean* said...

oooo my gosh! i swear i didn't look before i posted...wait till you see my post...

great minds, yada yada

the tomato broth & clams looks fab!


happy tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Joe for Tuesday Kimmie, it looks as though you spent your weekend building memories too! Hugs Christen

Odd Chick said...

what a great thing you've accomplished- cutting down on coffee but raising the enjoyment of the one you give yourself!
and you made me really hungry with the clam soup! the whole post was like having a pleasureable thought!

Judy said...

I understand the cuppa joe in the morning...I'm not sure I'd live without it. But I love my afternoon and evening teas. Where joe starts my day...tea keeps it sailing smoothly.

I passed a French press up at my local thrift store and have regretted it ever after.

I joined in on Tea on Tuesday for the first time today.

ooglebloops said...

Looks good and love the vintage spoon in the soup!!! I posted a 2nd Tea on Tues - got a tea goodie in the mail today!!!

ELK said...

hello as i sit with my coffee...mid afternoon pick me up...such a sweet picture of the "cooks"

Unknown said...

I got my french press after watching an episode of Alton Brown (food network) he swears by the french press for the very best cup of brewed coffee. And he's right. I got mine at Starbucks .... I know I know .... I paid retail too - argh! but after seeing that episode (Alton Brown's show) I had to go out and get one that very evening. Compulsive - but happy :)

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

I'm a little later than usual for tea :) I didn't look "before" either ... we both included our Mom's in our post!
What a warm scene with the girls and Grandma making pizza dough!
Lovely post as always .... I can almost smell the coffee! oxo