Friday, June 5, 2009

Maria Von Trapp Skirt

I had some leftover fabric from making curtains .... so not EXACTLY Maria Von Trapp .... meaning the material wasn't a curtain and THEN a skirt .... just extra fabric ... but anyway ...

I made this wrap around skirt

I just googled "wrap around skirt pattern" and got a bunch of ideas and then came up with my own amalgamation


It was basically this:

Start with 3 yrds of 32" wide decorator fabric.
Cut six panels 18X32" 
Take five of the panels and fold them in half lengthwise (9X32" folded).
Measure 6 inches from the fold at the top and mark it off.
Using a straight edge, draw a line from the 9" bottom up to the 6" top and cut along the line.
Unfolded this will be an equilateral trapezoid shape (12" top, 18" bottom).
Use the fifth panel to make the waistband and ties by cutting into 4 lengthwise strips (4X 32").
Sew 4 lengthwise seams and attach one folded over waistband lining up the center points. 
I did all of my sewing with the raveled edges facing outward and an unfinished hem.
I also put a button hole in the waistband for one of the ties to come through.


Jane said...

My favourite summer skirt is a wrap around like this one. I have some material ready and waiting to make a copy of it. You've inspired me!

*jean* said...

oh kimmie this rocks! thanks for sharing the pattern!! simply darling! does everyone in your house want one now?? ....well, except your hubbie..

ooglebloops said...

Very bright and happy skirt- love it!!! I like the wardrobe(?) that it is hanging on! did you paint that?

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

wonderful flower print and the hem is excellent too! great von trapp cabinet to go with as well :)

Elizabeth said...

I wish I could sew. Instead I recently purchased a wrap-around skirt from Athleta.

Yours is so pretty.

shayndel said...

I love all the scenes where the Von Trapp children romp about in their 'curtain' clothes. Yours is wonderful, I can see it easily becoming one of your favorite things...

Thanks for your fun comment. Could you tell me where the quote is from? (if it's Sunday..) I looked it up, and I know its completely famous; but I can't place the reference and maybe it would help with my mystery!

Nancy said...

Now this is wonderful, I love the print and the wrap around is so comfortable :)

Whenever I think of something made from a curtain, Scarlet comes to mind :)

ELK said...

happy skirt with sweet flowers and I "heart" the hem!

I am doing a swap at my blog ...hope you might play!