Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Welcome to Tea on Tuesday

take a break
say hello
visit with friends

(9:00 pm twilight in the Seattle area)

this is tea from a friend
she knows more than a little something about

And this was my project today ... lunch bags for the girls. Their school lunch boxes have seen better days and even though school is almost out - now is the time to buy oilcloth. If I wait until fall there won't be any to be found anywhere!

So I've gotten one down - two more to go!


Gaby Bee said...

This lunch bag is fantastic!
Gaby xo

Terri Kahrs said...

These little bags are awesome!!! Anything packed in these colorful, happy bags will taste delicious, I'm sure! Hugs, Terri

Jane said...

Adorable lunchbag, Kimmie. What a great idea.

Nancy said...

Love these little bags! Thank you for the directions :)
I looked up skullcap and it sounds to have some very good properties! I really like the picture of your pretty cup and flowers too :)

ELK said...

oh how sweet these are kimmie and the oil cloth so practical~they would even make nice gift bags for someone very special!

Susie Dally said...

Love the prints on the oilcloth. I taught these at the local quilt fabric store several years ago-we fused two pieces of fabric together with Wonder Under-then made the bags, but the ones you made are waterproof! I made everyone a lunch bag with a handknitted hat in one Christmas. Thanks for reminding me of some simple fun.

Nancy said...

I've posted my teatime on my blog, finally. I also stopped in town to buy some oilcloth :)
Every Tuesday I go to weigh in and visit/knit with friends and we take our lunches....I'm going to 'wow' them with this little bag!! Thanks again :)

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

What fun anything will be in a lunch bag like that Kimmie!!! I missed doing a tea post today. Our computer has been acting up and things are not moving as quickly as I would like!
Have a sweet sweet week!

ooglebloops said...

I'm late, I'm late - but I came to tea!!!!!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

how do they do up?

Judy said...

Wow such talent. love the colour and pattern combos

Diane aka cameldiva said...

Kimmie, your oilcloth lunchbags are very adorable.

Annette Q said...

OMG!! These are gorgeous!! so so pretty:-)

Amy said...

OMg, I totally love it..I have a daughter who hates to take school lunch so everyday I get the pleasure of packing her a homemade lunch made with love from mom...this is so CUTE!!!!