Monday, June 1, 2009

2Day is 2'sday T

welcome to Tea on Tuesday!
a few of us post our cuppa and share a bit about our day
feel free to do that - or just leave a comment
either way you'll get some friendly chatter with your tea

my tea today is "pukka love" from the UK and Lumilyon
it is a very very good tea
it reminds me of chamomile tea I used to drink when I was a beach loving girl in California

this is one washcloth of several I plan to make and send a dear friend for her birthday
pure cotton and pure gentleness and pure pampering

and this is my first summer read in my book bag
I loved Yoko Ogawa's book "The Housekeeper and the Professor"
this one is 3 short stories
one of the reviewers said the stories are "deeply disturbing"
"but in a good way"
I'll let you know

*** here's the p.s. on the book (added the next day)
it IS disturbing
I can't read any more
I'm maybe on page 20
I don't think I need "disturbing" right now. ***

thank you for dropping in for tea!
I hope your day is sweet and filled with good pauses and moment of refreshing


Elizabeth said...

ooo--do let us know about the book -- sounds intriguing. and the washcloth is lovely -- almost too pretty to use!

Christine said...

Your washcloth is beautiful!!! Hopefully I'll be able to participate next week. I love tea and love seing everyone tea party each week.


Nettie Edwards said...

Glad you're enjoying the Tea Kimmie, your post has a real feel of Summer. Tell us more about th wash cloths, they look beautiful. With any luck, I should be able to make time for tea today.

Terri Kahrs said...

Such a pretty post today! I'm enjoying my English Breakfast, your pictures and the conversation.

Lucky Birthday girl to receive one of your beautiful washcloths! They're beautiful.

Wishing you a sweet day too!

ELK said...

have a wonderful tuesday looks promising !

*jean* said...

oo excellent! i love a good book review!! and i adore knitted washcloths....nice project for summer...

hello! from MN to you!! the weather here today is fabulous....dry, but beautiful...

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Tea Time is fun with you Kimmie! Your knitted washcloth looks sweet enough to wear....somehow :)
Reading is one of the things I wish I could do more of....if only I didn't need 7 hours sleep at night :)
My Mint Tea and more birds post is up.
I think clicking on my name will get you there

ooglebloops said...

I agree - I don't watch , or read "disturbing"!!!
Like at Alice's tea party - "I'm late, I'm late!" But I am here...

Nancy said...

I'm so late I think my name is Alice too :)
It's evening tea for me. I'm sorry the book turned out to be too disturbing, there is a time and a place....maybe another day :)
I do love your washcloth, very lucky birthday girl :)

Linda Vincent said...

I am also late Kimmie...but have posted on my blog this morning. (Are you sure that washcloth wasn't actually a hat pattern? Its very interesting.)
Big hugs