Thursday, March 12, 2009


(empty beer cartons)

I save these empty beer cartons because I love the art. I used a "Longboard Island Lager" carton for the journal page below. My husband and I have been making plans for a vacation, so Hawaii has been in the forefront of my imaginings :)

(journal page)

"My Dream Vacation is going to Hawaii ... the air is soft .... the water is warm ... the pace is slow ... pack my bags with .... Aloha"

Go to One Powerful Hour to see what other entries there are for "Dream Vacation." Or create an entry of your own - I'm sure you also have a dream vacation!


ELK said...

i save "stufff" too just in case...nice work!

Unknown said...

Oh this is fabulous...I love that you got to use something from the are of yrou dream vacation to creat your piece...makes it ever more special.

Thanks for taking the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kimmie!

I love the work you are doing using all the various found objects. Pie tins, cardboard six packs, rocks . . . what a wondrous imagination. Your thoughts regarding your projects are often very profound and touch my heart. I love your photographic skills. Great job communicating via a picture. Where are you located? I'm in Auburn, half way between Tacoma and Seattle.

lesseley at comcast dot net

Robin said...

Looks fabulous...Makes me want to go to Hawaii! Love the art from those beer cartons!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful example of found art. Beautiful work and well worth framing.

*jean* said...

ooo yeah, i'm sooo with you on this one! it's actually going to be sunny and warm here today....maybe the snow will actually go!!

haiku for you:

winter you must go
spring colors popping we need
we can wait for grass

jean xo

Unknown said...

I love the haiku Jean :)

Yes - grass=work

we can wait for grass too!

Gaby Bee said...

It looks simply wonderful. I would love to go to Hawaii too :-)
Greetings from the cold Germany.
Gaby xo

Linda Vincent said...

I hope your dream comes true Kimmie - it sounds wonderful. I love your recycled art - you are such an inspiration.
(Thank you for the lovely thing you wrote on ABAA x)
Linda :-)