Tuesday, August 22, 2017

just plain air

They call it "plein air"
The more sophisticated art folk

But not feeling very sophisticated art wise these days, where it's all I can do to drag out my paper and paint after having toted them down to the beach in hopes of 
... in hopes of some mojo ...

After 6 weeks of summer, I have 4 little plain paintings. Plus a bit of a tan and many sweet memories with my girls who tagged along.

It is enough.
It is just plain air.


Unknown said...

Very serene. It is enough. It's nice to see you back, too.

cjsrq said...

These are just plain beautiful! They evoke a feeling of summer and solitude.

Jill said...

Fresh and relaxing plain air...:)

Elizabeth said...

They are, of course, as beautiful as ever.

Paper And Ponder said...