Tuesday, January 3, 2017

a daily practice

I am unapologetic about the attention
- or lack thereof -
 I give to my blog
The ebb and flow of blogging has had a lot to do with my personal life. 
I am struggling to commit to myself.

In deciding to commit, blogging can become representative of my commitment. 
We'll see how I do.

Intention is everything when it comes to art. 
The fact is, I create something every single day. 
Whether it is small or large makes no difference. 

I have decided to post that daily work as a digital log of my daily practice.

Thank you for visiting.
Love, kim 


This was the sunrise this morning. 
3 january 2017


susan hemann said...

good for you!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

sometimes it's a pain to snap the pic and post it to the blog. So many have found FB, IG and Twitter to be so much more easy. For me, I much prefer the blog world. Hope you continue to post here regularly. This is a pretty cool watercolor..such delicate colors.

I need orange said...


Threads of Inspiration said...

I admire your unapologetic statement about your blog. I would like to leave the guilt behind when I drift away for it for months at a time. There is so much about it that I love - the photography, the writing, connecting with readers. But life gets complicated and I get lazy or I run out of ideas. Good luck! I love your watercolor.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. I too am trying to get back into blogging more, reading my friend's blogs more. It's lovely to see what inspires us every day. xox