Tuesday, November 1, 2016

finished projects

The stitching projects I worked on last month are completed now. These are the mini art quilt squares I've done in the past using vintage linens from my stash.
I like to incorporate these random and anonymous photos from the past. In a way, these people become adopted family to me.
2 others that are similar to these will be featured in a December publication that is due out soon. But until then, I have to keep mum.
I also made a Cloutie for my friend who passed in September. It will hang from my white lilac until it blooms in the spring. It has thoughts and prayers stitched into it and is now left under God's great sky and winter rain in peace and gentle quietude.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, that last piece is so beautiful, and your words! I miss you.

Anonymous said...

I adore your vintage collage works. You sea glass heart s in my sewing studio where I see it every day. Xox