Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I am looking to 2016 as a time to refine my focus.
I've always wanted to take an online art class and after lots of thought (overthinking it actually), 
I've settled on Seattle based artist Carla Sonheim.
I love her unique style - and the fact that she includes a drawing warm up with every lesson.
Drawing is foundational.
So anyway, I dove in.
We'll see where it takes me.

Carla says:

"As mixed-media artists we are always trying new media and experimenting with new techniques — which is awesome! But what can happen is we don’t take the time to focus long enough on the things we really love so that we can create a cohesive series that is uniquely ours.
"I have found a lot of value working in series over the years; choosing and sticking with one media/subject matter for a period of time really has helped me… and I will share with you what I can about the process.
"Are you ready to work hard in a fun environment? Let’s refine, focus, and create a body of work this year!"
I've also ordered this book:
It seemed apropos for the speed my life is at these days.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad that you're doing this and hope that you'll share a bit of what you're learning and your process with us here on the blog. Happy New Year to you!

Jill said...

I hope we get to watch your work along the way! I've had a couple of tabs open for days going back to think again and again if I should take another class. They all seem so exciting and good. Making the time work is the tricky part and I remember that I should finish the ones I've already taken....