Thursday, May 28, 2015


Inspired by the Queen of Arts and her adventures with "intuitive" painting, I gave it a try today.

Painting by intuition: I used only my left hand, colors were feelings, shapes were words, and my inner critic was kicked to the curb.

My thoughts wandered and so did my paintbrush - it's a very childlike and freeing way to express thoughts that have no words.

Maybe you'll give it a try too



Anonymous said...

Nice free play, is left handed not your writing hand? xox

Unknown said...

I consider myself to be right hand dominant - but my left hand can definitely pull her weight in getting a good job done :)

Gberger said...

I do hope to do some painting over the summer. Thank you for the inspiration!

Kim Mailhot said...

So happy to have been a source of inspiration ! Love intuitive painting. It has just become my way of painting now, starting with no set goal on mind but to get marks on a canvas or page, and dive into the colors and shapes. Music is essential for me !
Enjoy your play, Awesome One !