Wednesday, July 16, 2014

where I've been, what I've been doing

Where I've been? London and Paris. Wow. I'm home now - but am still processing the trip of a lifetime for this small town girl.

The pictures I have today are of some of the things I brought home with me. Trust me - these are not your average plastic souvenirs.

Beachcombing on the River Thames at low tide yielded these treasures.

There's an actual word for beachcombing the Thames: mudlarking. 


Some of the things I found: beach pottery, big molten blobs of glass, and tiny clay pipe stems from as early as the 16th century. I have no idea how old my pipe stems are - or what melted the glass (the great London fire?) but mudlarking was definitely a highlight of my trip.

From Paris I have these unique playing cards. No K for King, Q for Queen, or J for Jack in this deck. Not even an A for the Ace. I'm guessing R is Rex, D is Dame, and V is Viscount. A simple number 1 is all that's needed for the Ace. Plus the face cards are individually named. These say "Madeleine, Bernard, and Etienne."


And from the hotel room - the most beautifully designed matchbox and sewing kit EVER.


I did have a moment or two for sketching in Paris - which it turns out is a VERY french thing to do - and created these keepsake drawings of the topiary gardens I paused in.

Taking time for art - a very good choice.

And my "road trip" penny mat is ready to stitch to its background. I'll probably be doing that as we tool around our more local environs of the Pacific Northwest - still the loveliest place I know.

Next blog post: photos.



Elizabeth said...

You have been much on my mind the last few weeks, Kim, and I'm nearly tearful reading this post! I am so grateful that you had this opportunity, and it's so YOU to have been mudlarking (very, very cool word). I can't wait to see more photos.

Becca said...

Hi Kim! I came over to see what you've been up to! Wow! Lucky girl! Looks like some really lovely things, and how fun to go mudlarking! Hope I get to do that there someday! I'm ready for this heat to be over how bout you? I just walked down to the Kirkland farmers market, and back up the hill all the way home. Whew! Lol

Unknown said...

Thank you dear friend ... I thought of you in Paris. Know you would love that city and feel quite at home there :)

Unknown said...

I'm loving the heat - but I also haven't lived in Las Vegas like you have!

amy of studio four corners said...

what lovely treasures to remember your special trip...I love that term of mudlarking...can we adopt it for looking for treasures on the shores of puget sound?

janet said...

Sounds like such a lovely trip. And mudlarking...what a wonderful word!

Ms. said...

How swell to have been abroad...and the artifacts and drawings and penny mats CHARMING as are a bright spot in the blog-o-sphere.

Anonymous said...

Treasures for sure. Mudlarking what a wonderful word to describe, I shall have to remember that. Nice pennies to stitch. xox

Gaby Bee said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful trip. I too love Paris. <3
I can't wait to see more pics.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So glad to know where you've been. It sounds like a magical trip, right down to the sewing kit. You have some lovely mementos, too, which I know will find their way into your art. Looking forward to your photos, too.

Halle said...

WOW!! love the treasures you found. I wouldn't part with those babies!!
Excited to see some photos...

barbara said...

"mudlarking"….that's a phrase i will be thinking of as i search the shores of Lake Erie for beach glass and other treasures.
i also had not heard of the "penny mats"….will be watching your blog for more information.
looking forward to your photos.

Gayle Price said...

Hey Kim, so nice to see you (well not literally, but you know what I mean) thank's for dropping by. Wow, what a did make me laugh tho: the high light of your trip being "mudlarking" ha. So glad you had a wonderful time and that you found some treasures. The cards are beautiful. Sorry I have been out of the loop for a while, must try to get my life a little more organised. Looking forward to seeing the little felt mat completed. xx

~*~Patty S said...

Welcome Home you mudlarking traveler ~♥~ what a brilliant thing to do in London and such treasures too!

London AND Paris = WOWEE two powerhouse cities with so much to offer...
looking forward to seeing them through your eyes and photos dear Kimmie

Your Paris paintings are tres tres bon!
Happy Weekend ~♥~ oxo